Meet Kristen Palchak ’16: Marketing, Global Business and a Splash of Entrepreneurship

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 13 - Kristen Palchak - 7.28.16

Meet Kristen Palchak ’16, a simultaneously very focused and very open-minded recent graduate of FEMBA. Like last week, this is a special double-feature Drive Time podcast. We wrap up the biggest FEMBApalooza ever with an interview with Christy Marquez, and then our interview with Kristen offers in-depth perspectives on her FEMBA journey, including:

  • Successfully mapping her FEMBA goals of Marketing, Global Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Leveraging her MBA in real-time at work as the helped transform the TV show Jeopardy (a 30-year-old brand) and execute a digital marketing strategy
  • Going global with a Global Access Program experience in Italy and two Global Immersions, to China and Israel
  • Challenging herself and making it all work, including keeping yoga going during FEMBA

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Don’t forget you can follow Victor Gebhardt ’18, who is currently driving the Mongol Rally, from London to Mongolia for charity. Follow Victor and his team

20160729 Victor Gebhardt Mongol Rally Progress



Cornerstone OnDemand and FEMBA

20160720 Cornerstone

Thanks to our current FEMBAs who hosted us at Cornerstone OnDemand last week.
Pratik Savai 16, VP of Application Development
Margaret Chang 18, Operations Support Analyst
Aditya Shah 19, CPA, Senior Manager of Internal Controls and Compliance
Jordan Sugar 17, Talent Acquisition Project Manager
Isadora Dantas 16, Mobile Product Manager
Rich Headley 16, Software Product Manager

What an inspiring UCLA Anderson example of Sharing Success! Cornerstone was founded by Adam Miller, UCLA Anderson JD/MBA, and now Cornerstone is hiring lots of new Anderson MBAs. Great recruiting visit; thanks Cornerstone, for hosting us! Thanks Chris Thompson on our team, for creating the event!

Podcast: FEMBApalooza 5 and Victor Gebhardt ’18 and the Mongol Rally

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 12 - Victor Gebhardt - 7.21.16

Here we are, just days before FEMBApalooza 5!

This week’s Drive Time podcast is a double-feature. First, we interview Christy Marquez, the main organizer of FEMBApalooza.  Second, we interview Victor Gebhardt 2018, Co-Founder of Collective Coffee, Peace Corps veteran, entrepreneur, and avid adventurist. This summer Victor is doing something I’m pretty sure no other FEMBA has ever done, the Mongol Rally:

  • A 10,000 mile drive from London, England to Mongolia
  • Raising money for charity
  • Driving a 1.0 liter engine automobile
  • Follow Victor and his team from London to Mongolia:
  • Learn about the Mongol Rally:
  • As of the posting of the Podcast, they’ve already driven from London to Romania!

Enjoy this week’s podcast and we can’t wait to see many of you Sunday at FEMBApalooza 5!

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Podcast: Meet Matt Rose ’16, “Co-Founding PetSnap with Classmates”

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 11 - Matt Rose - 7.14.16

Matt Rose ’16 ran full speed through FEMBA and we hope you enjoy hearing his journey. A transplant from Colorado, Matt already had a Master’s degree before his MBA from UCLA. An unexpected life tragedy happened during FEMBA and from there he had an insight that led to creating PetSnap with classmates. In this podcast, you’ll learn how:

  • Matt launched PetSnap with very little outlay of funds, using the resources of UCLA,
  • Matt’s section three classmates became his co-founders,
  • Professors Cockrum, Freixes, Scheinrock and Sussman supported the architecture of PetSnap,
  • Matt and his wife Kate greeted their first child just before graduation. (Their daughter was born after we recorded this podcast.)

Enjoy meeting Matt Rose ’16.

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Podcast: Meet Amy Miller ’16 – “From Wondering to CEO”

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 10 - Amy Miller - 7.7.16


“From Wondering to CEO”

Meet Amy Miller, UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2016. Prior to deciding to pursue her MBA, Amy was co-running a family business, had four children and studied religion in undergrad. She was wondering if the MBA would be worth the time, the effort and how it could help her family business. She’s not wondering anymore, in this podcast Amy shares how FEMBA gave her a voice in business she didn’t have before, as well as a confidence. You’ll also hear about:

  • Amy’s new role as the CEO of a Woman-Owned Business, Lester Lithograph
  • Her global experiences from Barcelona, to Vienna and Prague, to Brazil
  • How she ultimately earned a Certificate in Global Management
  • FEMBA Flex and her FEMBesties
  • Amy’s with advice for everyone embarking on their MBA journey

We hope you enjoy meeting Amy Miller, UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2016.

Podcast: Sean Camarella ’16 “A Global Tour with Destination McKinsey”

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 9 - Sean Camarella - 6.30.16

“A Global Tour with Destination McKinsey”

Meet Sean Camarella, UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2016. A Bruin undergrad, Sean had already earned a prior Master’s Degree from USC while climbing the ranks at Boeing to be a Manager in Materials and Processes. You’ll hear how Sean fulfilled his two MBA goals of gaining a global perspective and accelerating his career as he goes into the details of his experiences:

  • Consulting with a company in Finland for his Global Access Program (GAP) capstone project
  • Traveling on two Global Immersions, to Argentina with Professor Terech and to China with Professor Leslie
  • Graduating with the Specialization in Global Management
  • Changing careers during FEMBA
  • Graduating as one of 4 classmates his year going to McKinsey and Company
  • Finally, and after the recording of this podcast, Sean and his wife Laura have welcomed their first daughter Charlotte, who was born healthy and happy the week before graduation.

We hope you enjoy meeting Sean Camarella UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2016.