Ever felt out of control at work? Faculty Spotlight featuring Assistant Professor Jennifer Whitson


Meet Dr. Jennifer Whitson, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations.

Professor Whitson is well known to Section One FEMBAs in the Class of 2019 as she taught their Leadership Foundations experience this year. Drive Time sits down with Professor Whitson for a thought-provoking interview.

Have you ever felt out of control at work?

Have you ever noticed a power differential and wondered how that might impact your decision making?

Do you ever wonder what it is like for a world-class scholar to choose UCLA Anderson?

You’ll learn all about these questions and more as Professor Whitson shares about her research and teaching passions:

  • Control
  • Illusory Pattern Perception
  • Power
  • Plus what she loves about UCLA Anderson students


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Marine to Finance: Meet Doug Longo ’14


In honor of Veterans Day, our Drive Time Podcast features FEMBA Alum and Marine Corps Veteran, Doug Longo ’14. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, and working for Dimensional Fund Advisors as a Fixed Income Investment Strategist, Doug was our FEMBA Council President during his time at Anderson as well as VP of the Anderson Student Asset Management (ASAM). Currently, he is the official UCLA Anderson Regional Ambassador in Austin.

This Drive Time interview covers a lot about Doug and UCLA Anderson:

  • Being one of youngest Sergeants in Marine Corps history. Doug enlisted in his junior year of high school. He was the “Doogie Howser” of the Marine Corps at 20 years of age.
  • Earning the Navy Achievement Medal
  • Charting his career from Bear Stearns to Merrill Lynch to UCLA Anderson to Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Consistently being a servant leader before, during, and after FEMBA
  • Fast-tracking FEMBA to graduate early and start at Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Hearing his gratitude at getting to work at DFA, and connecting with some of the titans of finance, including Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and Ken French as in the Fama-French three-factor model, plus LOTS of Anderson MBAs.
  • For more on Doug, read this moving tribute that was compiled by his classmates.

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Incentives & Motivation: Faculty Spotlight, Professor Corinne Bendersky


Meet Corinne Bendersky, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations in this Faculty Spotlight podcast. Professor Bendersky is known to FEMBAs (2018 Section 1 and 2019 Section 2) from Leadership Foundations. This fall she is also teaching 2019s in both Sections 2 & 3 in their Organizational Behaviors course, MGMT 409.

Learn first-hand about Professor Bendersky’s research and teaching, including:

  • An overview of her next course, Incentives & Motivations: MGMT 254. offered Wednesday evenings this upcoming Winter Quarter. Her course will be available for bidding this weekend. MGMT 254 is open to EMBA and FTMBA students too and will feature three different keynote guest speakers.
  • Closing remarks for prospective FEMBAs to see the connection of in-class lessons and on-the-job, real-time applicability of the MBA education.
  • How her formative experiences in high school in New Jersey led to her research.
  • Her research studying female firefighters, a career field that it typically no more than 4% female, and what that can teach us for leading organizations.
  • Being Faculty Chair of the Human Resources Roundtable, HARRT
  • Developing our own self-awareness to become a leader who consciously constructs a context for accurate evaluation that allows others to live up to their potential, seeing what may actually present, but is untapped.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Drive Time podcast with our Faculty Spotlight and Associate Professor Corinne Bendersky.

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It’s Your Life; If You Want It You Can Have It: Meet Kate Motonaga ’97


What an engaging FEMBA success story!  I hope you enjoy listening half as much as I enjoying interviewing.

Kate Motonaga, FEMBA ’97, CFE and new Senior Associate Dean and CFO of UCLA Anderson generously shares about her education and career and ends with some great advice about how to maximize your MBA at UCLA Anderson: “It’s Your Life and It’s Your Career; If You Want It, You Can Have It.”

You’ll learn about:

  • Getting recruited to come back to UCLA Anderson as the Senior Associate Dean and CFO
  • Founding her own company and running it for a decade.
  • Becoming a CFE, a Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Opening the new Anderson facility, from the prior Social Sciences location of Anderson
  • Being in a two-section FEMBA program
  • Experiencing the pre-GAP Field Study model
  • Making FEMBA Friends-for-Life, who continue to offer professional support to each other
  • Being a working parent

Hope you enjoy meeting a dynamic new leader of UCLA Anderson, who is also a FEMBA!

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Round One Admission Advice from Assistant Dean Dylan Stafford


This week’s special podcast is specifically for the in-process applicants applying for our Round One deadline of October 26, 2016. With me is one of my great team members, Vanessa Carlos, our Admissions Specialist. We both look forward to your application and we share some application tips and also answer some common questions. We know this is a big weekend for you, as you complete your application, and we want to empower you.

In this podcast, I cover:

  • Which Round is best for me?
  • Transcripts
  • Resumes
  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • SuperSaturday Interview Invitation
  • Application Status Page

Remember, your MBA has already started. All of the introspection that you are doing as you’ve visited campus, or heard a webinar, or researched online, all of that effort is part of your MBA. The consideration you put into choosing your recommenders, the thought you are giving your essays, the words you choose for your resume, all of this is part of your MBA.

One strength of UCLA Anderson is the incredible diversity of thought and opportunity here. One challenge of UCLA Anderson is that there will forever be “too many good choices” on the calendar. You prepare yourself best for UCLA Anderson, to get admitted and then to have an amazing education, by spending quality time now in the application process, discerning for yourself your biggest vision, of the best career for you, that you can imagine.

Around here at UCLA Anderson, we share success, we think fearlessly, and we drive change. This is a very special culture, and we hope that you will be part of our culture, in the UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2020.

Meet John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship Winner Datra Oliver ’18


This year FEMBA is honored with TWO John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship winners, Datra Oliver ’18 and also Eric Potochek ’18.

This week’s FEMBA Drive Time podcast interviews Datra Oliver ’18, who works for Esri as an International Contracts Specialist. Datra’s life journey spans the Bahamas to the US to England and back. She’s met the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela. She’s the mother of a young son and supported her husband earning his PhD. She’s worked in Africa and earned her Law Degree in England, where she is called to both the Bar of England and Wales (2009), and the Bar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas (2010). Datra is in FEMBA Flex and is about to complete her Core courses.

I love Datra’s summation advice for living a great life, “Just Apply.”

Enjoy hearing Datra’s unique journey thus far, and see where she’s heading next.

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You Get What You Give: Meet Julia Ritchie ’17


Julia Ritchie ’17, Manager, McMaster-Carr, is our current FEMBA Council President. She’s a wonderful representative of our FEMBA student body and in this interview, Julia shares her experiences and the benefits from getting involved, building relationships, and pursuing all the resources of UCLA Anderson.

Learn about D.I.T.L.O. Hear the Top Three Points Julia advises to all MBAs. Get a behind-the-scenes perspective on the benefits of jumping in fully to the FEMBA experience, including FEMBA Council, Net Impact and SOMA.  Enjoy!

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