Round One Admission Advice from Assistant Dean Dylan Stafford

This week’s special podcast is specifically for the in-process applicants applying for our Round One deadline of October 26, 2016. We look forward to your application and I want to share with you some application tips and also answer some common questions. We know this is a big weekend for you, as you complete your application, and we want to empower you.

In this podcast, I cover:

  • Which Round is best for me?
  • Transcripts
  • Resumes
  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • SuperSaturday Interview Invitation
  • Application Status Page

Remember, your MBA has already started. All of the introspection that you are doing as you’ve visited campus, or heard a webinar, or researched online, all of that effort is part of your MBA. The consideration you put into choosing your recommenders, the thought you are giving your essays, the words you choose for your resume, all of this is part of your MBA.

One strength of UCLA Anderson is the incredible diversity of thought and opportunity here. One challenge of UCLA Anderson is that there will forever be “too many good choices” on the calendar. You prepare yourself best for UCLA Anderson, to get admitted and then to have an amazing education, by spending quality time now in the application process, discerning for yourself your biggest vision, of the best career for you, that you can imagine.

Around here at UCLA Anderson, we share success, we think fearlessly, and we drive change. This is a very special culture, and we hope that you will be part of our culture, in the UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2020.

Meet John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship Winner Datra Oliver ’18


This year FEMBA is honored with TWO John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship winners, Datra Oliver ’18 and also Eric Potochek ’18.

This week’s FEMBA Drive Time podcast interviews Datra Oliver ’18, who works for Esri as an International Contracts Specialist. Datra’s life journey spans the Bahamas to the US to England and back. She’s met the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela. She’s the mother of a young son and supported her husband earning his PhD. She’s worked in Africa and earned her Law Degree in England, where she is called to both the Bar of England and Wales (2009), and the Bar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas (2010). Datra is in FEMBA Flex and is about to complete her Core courses.

I love Datra’s summation advice for living a great life, “Just Apply.”

Enjoy hearing Datra’s unique journey thus far, and see where she’s heading next.

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You Get What You Give: Meet Julia Ritchie ’17


Julia Ritchie ’17, Manager, McMaster-Carr, is our current FEMBA Council President. She’s a wonderful representative of our FEMBA student body and in this interview, Julia shares her experiences and the benefits from getting involved, building relationships, and pursuing all the resources of UCLA Anderson.

Learn about D.I.T.L.O. Hear the Top Three Points Julia advises to all MBAs. Get a behind-the-scenes perspective on the benefits of jumping in fully to the FEMBA experience, including FEMBA Council, Net Impact and SOMA.  Enjoy!

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FEMBAssadors Want You: Blair Nichols 17 & Geetha Rajan ’17


Why is FEMBA thriving? One answer is leadership from our student body. This week’s Drive Time podcast is a call-to-action for all current and alumni FEMBAs from our FEMBAssador co-Presidents, Blair Nichols ’17 and Geetha Rajan ’17.

Hear their plans for how FEMBAssadors will build the best Class of 2020 possible, and how you can help, as well as hear each of their own career victories during FEMBA.

Blair is in his second week in a brand new job, after doing an MBA internship last summer; he also just completed a Global Immersion to Japan. Geetha is a Flex student who commuted from Boston to UCLA her first year, and who now commutes from San Francisco. Both are half way through their Global Access Program, in parallel to leading the 2016-2017 FEMBAssadors.  Enjoy!

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Giving Back and Building Bridges: meet Vanessa Toy ’00, President, Cultivate Creations


For this week’s Drive Time podcast, meet Vanessa Toy, Full-time MBA ’00, and President of Cultivate Creations, a marketing, strategy, innovation consulting practice that drives expansive growth for small to medium size businesses in the natural products industry.

Vanessa donates her time and talent by serving on the UCLA Anderson Alumni Network Board of Directors. Currently, she is Executive Committee Member and Chair, Class Presidents Council. In this podcast, she shares her experiences and perspectives, including:

We ARE Anderson.

The UCLA Anderson Alumni Network has amazing people, who’ve accomplished and done incredible things in business and our communities. She believes that as alums, we have a lifelong relationship with UCLA Anderson and its people who share a common philosophy to:

  • Share success
  • Drive change
  • Think fearlessly
  • Hire and partner with other Anderson alums

She is grateful to UCLA Anderson for giving her so many gifts:

  • Big picture business thinking
  • Functional and technical business expertise
  • Entrepreneurial and team spirit
  • A deep and rich alumni network full of gifted and great people

Vanessa’s philosophy on connecting and building bridges:

  • Be yourself, be genuine, and make it personal
  • You get out of it what you put into it
  • Connect in the spirit of connecting and reaching out, not always with an agenda – what goes around comes around…it’s good karma
  • Be proactive and connect, “opt in” to be part of a lifelong network

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Inside FEMBA Flex: Meet Dr. George Ingersoll, Associate Dean of Hybrid Learning


What does it take to launch a new teaching pedagogy at an institution with a reputation as respected as UCLA Anderson?

Today’s podcast offers an inside view from Dr. George Ingersoll, PhD ’15 and MBA ’09. George was there when Senior Associate Dean Carla Hayn proposed of “FEMBA Flex” for a UCLA Anderson Faculty vote back in 2012. Today he is UCLA Anderson’s Associate Dean for Hybrid Learning.

Since 2012, Flex has become a popular schedule option for both Core and elective courses, and has contributed significantly to the growth of FEMBA’s student body in enrollments of women, military, MD, PhD and of course, out-of-area students. Flex has definitely brought talented students to UCLA Anderson who would not be here otherwise.

FEMBA Flex is proof-positive of UCLA Anderson’s commitment to Think in the Next. We hope you enjoy George’s interview.


Passion Leads the Way: Meet UCLA Finance Professor Bruce Carlin, Phd, MD

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 19 - Bruce Carlin - 9.8.16.png

In honor of the amazing entering Class of 2019 (which welcomes the most-ever doctoral-level FEMBAs: 8 MDs, 8 PhDs, 1 DDS, 1 EdD, and 1 DMA), this week’s Drive Time podcast features Associate Professor of Finance Bruce Carlin, PhD, MD, MBA.

Bruce generously shares his very unique life and career story, including:

  • Following his passion
    Stepping away from a very successful career as a surgeon / researcher / medical doctor / author to earn a PhD in Finance. (His family’s reaction; finding a mentor who believed in him; taking 10 advanced courses in a year to pre-qualify.)
  • Earning his MBA as a part-time student
    While still working as a medical doctor and professor. He knows what it is like to be a FEMBA!
  • Valuing risk in building a very rewarding life
  • Being a visiting professor at Chicago Booth last year
    (and seeing how Anderson students had a higher mean on the same exact exam!)
  • What he likes about teaching
    Making it practical; Cases; Gaining skills; Teaching to both “quants” and “poets” to that there is something for everyone
  • The unique optimism of UCLA and California
  • Watching his UCLA Anderson fellow faculty help companies survive the financial crisis.
  • Three very interesting hobbies: 
    Being a Master Swimmer and Water Polo player,
    Organizing Poker matches for finance academics at venues like the Aria poker room, and
    Collecting rare whiskies (Listen to his tale of searching the back country of Kentucky for rare issues of Pappy Van Winkle.)

Bruce will be teaching Finance in Spring Quarter to both Flex and one of the all-day Saturday sections.

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