Podcast: Barry Ripley 2016

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 4 - Barry Ripley 5.26.16

In this week’s FEMBA Drive Time Podcast, hear from Barry Ripley about how he:

  • Switched careers from Engineering to Finance
  • Secured a prestigious internship in Investment Banking (twice!)
  • Led a FEMBA Anderson Career Team (FACT), with stellar results
  • Helped to bring microfinance to farmers in the Andes
  • Learned to embrace speaking up in class


Podcast: Cara Bibbiani 2016

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 3 - Cara Bibbiani - 5.19.16

Ready for this week’s Drive Time podcast?

Enjoy listening to Cara Bibbiani 2016 to hear her FEMBA success:

  • Being chosen Commencement Speaker,
  • Landing a dream post-MBA job with HP Enterprises,
  • Traveling the world in FEMBA: Finland, Peru, Israel,
  • Building lifelong friendships, and
  • Continuing with FEMBA as a GAP Fellow!

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Podcast: Sai Chundi 2016

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 2 - Sai Chundi - 5.12.16

Welcome to Drive Time: The UCLA Anderson FEMBA Podcast.

Take us on your commute and learn from the success of Sai Chundi 2016, including:

  • Fulfilling his lifelong goal of developing himself as a leader
  • Landing his dream job with Microsoft
  • Making friendships-for-life
  • Traveling to Sweden for GAP, and to Argentina for a Global Immersion
  • Welcoming his first baby into his family during FEMBA

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Podcast: Katie Kroeger-Davis 16

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 1 - Katie Kroeger-Davis - 5.5.12

Listen and learn about the career and life success of Katie Kroeger-Davis 2016.

Katie’s FEMBA experience includes:

  • Serving as FEMBA Council President
  • Career transitioning from Sales to a post-FEMBA job with McKinsey & Company
  • Choosing a Global Immersion to India
  • Commuting from Orange County, being married, and more.

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Good news and Great news

Friday afternoon in Westwood and what’s this unique atmospheric occurrence? Something that resembles moisture has been falling from the sky…strange.

Great last couple of weeks in FEMBA. 99% of Round Two has been reviewed by Faculty Committee and the applicants have been notified, two weeks ahead of schedule.

WELCOME to all our new Round Two members of the Class of 2019!

Applications are still up for the season, and we look forward to welcoming you to UCLA. We’ll have a welcome event April 9, and save-the-date for FEMBApalooza 5, July 24th.

GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS EVERYONE  Winter Quarter went fast this year!

My final is next week, for the “Being a Leader” course I took this quarter across campus in the Luskin School of Social Welfare. Taking one class, while working, made me appreciate yet again how dedicated you are as you go through FEMBA.

PROGRAM UPGRADE: Enrichment Program for young children of Saturday FEMBAs

We have launched an Enrichment Program in partnership with UCLA Early Care and Education exclusively for the children of UCLA Affiliates. We now have an on-campus option for child care on Saturdays.

Your young children can attend an enrichment program Saturday while you attend FEMBA classes! We can’t wait to see if we attract new FEMBAs with young children who would not have chosen to get their MBA otherwise.

CONGRATULATIONS! First Place winners of the Southern California  ACG Cup last week.

201603111 ACG Winners Jeremy Mau 17 David Zhou 17 Kyle Patterson 17 DSC_0751.jpg

Above: l-r Jeremy Mau, David Zhou and Kyle Patterson, all Class of 2017.

201603111 ACG Winners Jeremy Mau 17 David Zhou 17 Kyle Patterson 17 Action shot DSC_0732.jpg

ACG, the Association for Corporate Growth – Los Angeles, hosted 11 teams from multiple schools in this annual investment banking competition. Jeremy, David and Kyle’s team came out #1. The team worked hard for the three week window of the competition, and their efforts paid off!


20160311 Net Impact Bhagwan Chowdhry Geetha Rajan 17 Karen Shang 17 Clarissa Chiang 17 Navin Prabhu 17 Sid Khanna 17

Above: Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry, Sid Khanna 17, Dr Margaret Martin, Founder of Harmony (non-profit), D’Addario Foundation Executive Director, Suzanne D’Addario Brouder, C Terry Lewis – chairman of Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, Dr. Barry Bittman, center, CEO/President of Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, Bhavna Sivanand Price Center, Geetha Rajan 17, Karen Shang 17, Clarissa Chiang 17 and Navin Prabhu 17.

The photo above came from one of my favorite FEMBAassadors, Geetha Rajan 17, along with this note:

Hi Dylan,

I wanted to share an amazing opportunity that FEMBA students had this week (03/07/16) . What started off as a Net Impact Case Challenge, went as far as being chosen to represent Anderson to present our recommendations on scaling Harmony (a non-profit that focuses on positive development of low-income children through music) to the CEO/President of Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, Dr Barry Bittman. Dr. Bittman flew in from Pittsburg to understand our recommendations and was very impressed. The Price Center and Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry have been invaluable in maintaining the relationship with Harmony and giving us this opportunity.

Further, we are also chosen to present our recommendations to an Anderson Trustee who is interested in potentially investing in Harmony! 

I never knew how far this would take us. Truly an opportunity of a lifetime! 



Two great LiveGuide sessions so far for Spring Quarter. If you have friends who want an in-depth look at the value of FEMBA, have them sign up for either of these LiveGuide sessions:

Srishti Goyal 16 LiveGuide Session April 4

Kiesha McCurtis 16 LiveGuide Session April 21

20160311 LiveGuide for April 2016 Srishti 16 and Kiesha 16

FEMBAs sharing their experience with their peers at Northrop Grumman

20160310 Northrup Grumman - Corporate Connect Information Session 3 10 2016

Above, this year’s first Corporate Connect Information Session for Northrop Grumman employees was held at Il Fornaio Restaurant in Manhattan Beach. This event was organized by Barry Ripley 16 and attended by four other current FEMBA students Roselle Chinsio 16, Timothy Bednar 18, Stephen Moran 18, Anthony Davidson 17, and 19 prospects that currently work in the Engineering field at Northrop. There was great energy in this informal setting and several people walked away with plans to apply this year and next year. We want to thank Barry for his hard work in coordinating with current students, building the audience and reserving the restaurant to make it a convenient way for Northrop employees to meet current UCLA Anderson FEMBA students and learn about the program first hand during their lunch break.

LUNCH-AND-LEARN at the Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks

20160308 Sherman Oaks - Regional Lunch 3 8 16.jpg

Barry Ripley 16 was with Chris Thompson and me for a lunch in Sherman Oaks, above.

Last, but definitely not least, Christy Marquez and Raymond Morada put a LOT of MILES in this week recruiting. Christy did two Bay Area events, one each in San Francisco and Mountain View. She also hosted a great coffee chat here on-campus today. Raymond did two lunches, one in San Diego, and the other in Irvine. What a good, great week! Thanks to all my team.

Great weekends everyone!

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki ’98 at UCLA

Well, what a Thursday! Twice I was able to listen to Susan Wojcicki ’98, CEO of YouTube telling her story. Written below are my highlights from her Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series presentation in Korn Hall. Or, feel free to watch her presentation here and enjoy for yourself.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998 Opening Slide IMG_4197

Dean’s Distinguished Speakers Series with Susan Wojcocki ’98

Susan opened with some of the “Wow Stats” about YouTube, and the global consumption of video.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998 1B per month  IMG_4198

1 in 7 people on the planet visit YouTube each month

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  400 hours a minute  IMG_4201

400 hours of content uploaded per minute. Can you imagine the server farms?

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  10 years old  IMG_4204

What a first decade!

Susan then got more personal, telling us her journey from UCLA Anderson to her position as CEO.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  First job after UCLA MBA   IMG_4205

Susan gets asked a lot.

Susan’s first post-MBA job was with Intel, and she was quick to acknowledge her respect for Intel still today. But, she didn’t even stay at Intel a full year. She left Intel and it was risky to leave, not just because she was going to a start-up; she was also pregnant at the time. (Susan shared that she is the mother of five children.)

We all know the story of the start-up she left Intel for, Google. She happened to be renting her garage in Menlo Park to these two young men, Larry and Sergey.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  Larry and Sergei  IMG_4208

… because Larry and Sergey rented her garage…

So Susan became employee #16 at Google.

But, how did you get from there to be CEO of YouTube?

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  How to CEO  IMG_4214

“I get asked this all the time,” said Susan.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  Google Video   IMG_4217

In 2005, Susan was running Google Video. Remember that?

Believe it or not, a dominant conversation in 2005 was “Will people voluntarily upload videos of themselves? Is this just a pipe dream to make a video distribution platform?”

During her tenure running Google Video, Susan had an “Aha Moment” when she saw this user-generated video posted online, straight from a dorm room in China. Have you ever watched this one?

Susan didn’t just “like” this video. Her reaction was going to change history [Dylan’s editorial, not Susan’s statement] because her viewing this video became the seed that grew into her championing Google’s ultimate purchase of YouTube, for well over $1B.

Buying YouTube was a second risk that Susan took. And it wasn’t like everyone agreed with her. As you see, the ever-bombastic Mark Cuban has this to say about the acquisition:

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998 Mark Cuban    IMG_4236

Turns out Cuban was inaccurate.

Susan saw that there was something authentic about those lip-syncing college men from China, all the way to the third roommate in the background, who is completely ignoring the whole scene. I mean, who’s never had to ignore roommates before?

YouTube allows for both authenticity and diversity.

Of the top 12 YouTube performers according to view counts, only 3 of the 12 are actually “famous” in a traditional sense (e.g. Bruno and Taylor). The other 12 (e.g. KSI and PewDiePie) have all connected to their global audience via their authenticity, via the platform of video.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  Authentic  IMG_4247

YouTube connects people who would never connect otherwise.

Susan pointed out the incredible diversity of voices YouTube brings together.

20160211 Susan W  Its diverse   IMG_4248

So Susan’s journey has led her to the role of CEO of YouTube… So far.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  New CEO YouTube  IMG_4241

Turns out Mark Cuban was wrong

Susan’s story is one of education, preparation, risk-taking, great luck, more risk-taking and more hard work.

But what’s next? Where is Susan “Thinking in the Next”?

She addressed some “where things are going” ideas.

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998 half are mobile  IMG_4202

Is your company still dealing with transitioning communications from desktop to mobile?

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998 Cord cutting is real  IMG_4244

TV viewing patterns are changing

20160211 Susan W  Video is huge and being remade   IMG_4249

20160211 Susan W  Third World Adoption  IMG_4252

Susan told about video bandwidth requirements being the bottleneck to the next Billion users coming to YouTube.

20160211 Susan W  Third World Adoption SelfMade Airplane Kenya  IMG_4253

And yet in spite of bandwidth limits in the developing world, YouTube is connecting people in new and amazing ways. Here is a young man in Kenya who built a homemade airplane via watching YouTube videos.

20160211 Susan W  Virtual Reality   IMG_4250

Virtual Reality. It’s coming!

20160211 Susan W  Revolution not Evolution   IMG_4251

Speaks for itself. Thus, Thinking in the Next.

20160211 Susan W  Tech as Field  IMG_4255

20160211 Susan Wojcicki 1998  Harvard  IMG_4256

Susan back at Harvard in undergrad. She was a History and Literature major. But took another risk and took a very popular Introductory Computer Science Class, CS50, that launched her love of tech. Remember, it’s not too late for non-techies: Easton Technology Leadership Program is waiting to introduce non-techies to technology-sector opportunities.


Here was Susan, earlier Thursday at the Media Mogul Lunch at UCLA. To her left is Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu and FEMBA 2001.

At the end of the Dean’s Distinguished Speakers Panel, Susan took questions from Dean Olian, from the audience and from Twitter.

20160211 Susan W  Judy and Susan DSS  IMG_4260

Hope this re-created some of the flavor of Susan’s day on campus. It was humbling listening to her. There was, in this author’s opinion, a marked absence of showmanship. She was centered and confident and her results speak for themselves. It was inspiring.

Best day,



PS  Thanks to Britt Benston from UCLA Anderson Marketing. Britt got a signed copy of our brochure for me from our very own Mike Hopkins ’01, CEO of Hulu, after the lunchtime panel with Susan.

20160211 Mike Hopkins signed brochure  IMG_4270

What amazing heights will you and your FEMBA classmates reach?!?  Keep Sharing Success and Driving Change and you’ll find out.





Media-Mogul-Lunch at UCLA


“The Rebirth of Television in the Landscape of Entertainment” – Thursday afternoon panel at UCLA Anderson. 

L-R. Professor Sanjay Sood, facilitating

Anne M. Sweeney, Former Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks & Former President, Disney-ABC Television Group, The Walt Disney Company

Ynon Kreiz ’93, Former CEO, Maker Studios

Susan Wojcicki ’98, CEO YouTube (speaking in photo)

Mike Hopkins ’01, CEO, Hulu

Mike is on the cover of our Femba brochure this year. He’s making us proud!