Rosco Newsom, 2010, back on-campus hiring MBAs

One of the great things about getting to work at UCLA is watching people’s careers grow over time. Rosco Newsom, FEMBA 2010, has graduated, taken a new job in a new company (Manager, Strategic Planning and Business Development at Eaton Corporation) in a Management Rotation program and is now back on campus, recruiting our full-time MBAs.

He stopped by my office this week, and I boldly asked him, “Are you feeling spontaneous? How about we film you and what’s happened since school?”

Gamely, Rosco said “Yes,” and the video is here. Enjoy.

And for more fun, watch the video below, back from when Rosco was a student. He tells about career victories, Entrepreneur Association, Investment Finance Association, Real Estate Association, going to India, the Washington Campus Program, a modified internship, and more.

2010 Rosco Newsom interview

Rosco Newsom, ’10, speaking about courses, extracurricular involvement and his international experiences during school. Interviewed by Dylan Stafford.


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