Julie Uhrman, FEMBA ’04, sets Kickstarter records, launches OUYA game console

Julie Uhrman and Ouya (2)

Julie Uhrman, FEMBA 2004, and OUYA, her very successful product launch.

Raising 904% of your Kickstarter goal is no game—unless you’re Anderson grad Julie Uhrman (FEMBA ’04) and your product is a game. OUYA sought $950,000 in funding and topped out at $8,596,474 from 63,416 backers. The open-source game console hit two Kickstarter records on its way: fastest project to raise more than $1 million and the most raised in a day, more than $2.5 million. The $99 console hit stores in summer 2013 and promptly sold out on Amazon.

OUYA is Android-based and says, “hackers welcome” when it comes to a development scheme. In fact, “rooting” the box (breaking open the code) won’t even void the warranty. The complete $99 OUYA package comes with console, Bluetooth controller, HDMI cable and batteries. There are currently 178 games available and 17,000 developers registered to take a crack at becoming the first big OUYA thing. OUYA_Logo2

OUYA games are free to try, and apps include Twitch.tv, Flixster and Tunein, with more on the way from the likes of iHeartRadio.

Watch Julie below giving a keynote the D.I.C.E. Summit. This speech was actually before OUYA had it’s breakout debut.

Check out more on the OUYA website http://www.ouya.tv/.

Congratulations Julie! Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks to the UCLA Anderson blog for the story.

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