Life Victory: Ross Resnick ’14

Coming back from the gym today, I ran into Ross Resnick, FEMBA 2014. Ross is an entrepreneur, the founder of Roaming Hunger and also the co-founder of FleaPop. Ross was also in my MGMT 298D, Strategic Business Communications, course in 2012.

In my course, I love to talk about “Career Victories,” the natural results of effective, persuasive public speaking. Ross told me today, “You know Dylan. I used what we learned in the course for a very different purpose. While normally I’m the guy who likes to be spontaneous and shoot from the hip, I recently had the opportunity to give my grandmother’s eulogy. I used the framework from our (298D) class and the eulogy went much better. It was natural. I just wanted to say thanks.”

That may be the highlight of the week, hearing that “Life Victory” for Ross.

20140128 Ross Resnick 2014

Ross Resnick, UCLA FEMBA 2014, founder of Roaming Hunger, co-founder of FleaPop, and successful graduate of MGMT 298D, Strategic Business Presentations.


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