FEMBA Open House To Go

Want to know about UCLA Anderson FEMBA, but too busy for a webinar or campus visit just yet? Watch a replay of last Saturday’s Winter Quarter Open House.

We hosted almost 250 prospects Saturday. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • 00:00:20  FEMBA in 100 words or less
  • 00:11:30  Your Future = Our Business. You’re worth it and UCLA is worth it.
  • 00:16:00  UCLA and one of cinema’s finest films
  • 00:16:31  UCLA Anderson’s benefit to you
  • 00:17:59  FEMBA Alumna Julie Uhrman ’04, raises $23.5 Million in one month
  • 00:19:19  Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series: Learning from billionaires
  • 00:25:00  FEMBA, Anderson’s largest and highest ranked MBA offering
  • 00:39:26  FEMBA, The United Nations meets Hogwarts
  • 00:42:26  Our amazingly customizable curriculum
  • 01:39:28  You’re safe with us: AKA We could start a FEMBA hospital with our 8 MDs
  • 01:41:41  Manuel Ambriz ’14 commutes to UCLA from Mexico City
  • 01:42:20  Carolyn Connolly ’16: former roller derby queen, new mom, new job
  • 01:44:06  Ed Moses ’16, FEMBA’s first Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 01:47:06  Dedicated Career Coaching. Personal success planning for your career.
  • 01:56:45  How do I pay for FEMBA?
  • 02:02:02  Admissions
  • 02:10:30  Diamonds polish diamonds
  • 02:14:12  The student panel! Cara Bibbiani ’16, Abhi Eswarappa ’15, the famous David Duong ’15, Debika Seth ’15 and Tanu Rudrakshi ’14.
  • 02:37:37  Collaborative community & culture: Handshakes to Hugs.
  • 02:53:50  Tanu Rudrakshi ’14 comments on gaining the confidence to speak to CFOs, to fly anywhere to give presentations for work. Something she didn’t have before FEMBA.
  • 02:55:50  Dylan gets verklempt by Tanu’s comments.  What’s Next and complete.

20140208 UCLA Open House mediasite link

Trouble opening from the image, past this link.

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