Common Sense Media, Yalda Uhls MBA, PhD

I just spent an hour listening to an Yalda T. Uhls, Anderson MBA, UCLA PhD, and regional director of Common Sense Media. 20140219 Yalda Uhls Common Sense Media  Anderson AlumYalda was presenting on “Parenting in the Digital Age.” After her Anderson MBA, she had an entertainment career in film making. Later, she decided it was time for a next chapter and went back to UCLA to earn her PhD in Developmental Psychology.

Some of her advice today, which I can use in my own parenting included: a resource-rich website.  Also tips like: Model Responsible Media Use (not too much cell phone daddy), Read During the Day Too, Balance Media (one hour on, one hour off), Keep Media Out of the Bedroom, Teach Digital Literacy, Set Device Guidelines.

Just another great day of progressive thinking at UCLA.


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