Career success, and a healthy tan, Jason Mulherin ’14

I went to the Wooden Center to workout today at lunch and I ran into Jason Mulherin ’14. He was telling me about his FEMBA experience and a fresh new consulting job offer he just landed.

20140221 Jason Mulherin 2014

Jason Mulherin, FEMBA 2014, enjoying a workout at the North Pool, and also celebrating a new career in consulting.


“Can I blog about you Jason?” I asked.

“Sure Dylan.” he said. “You can tell them that I’ve transitioned into consulting, after 12 years in engineering. I just got my job offer, and it’s a smaller firm that’s taking on business like crazy. They can’t wait for me to begin, even though I’m living the good life now as a FUMBA.”

“You can also tell them that I turned 40 during my Global Access Program consulting with the Brazilian company JExperts Tecnologia.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yea. Everyone else knew I turned 40. It’s fine…”

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