4 job offers + 1 marriage proposal: Shilpy Gupta ’14

I was already impressed with Shilpy Gupta by her FEMBAssador leadership and her GAP team’s final presentation. But then, when I learned that she had 4 job offers AND was engaged to a classmate, it was almost too much. I hope you enjoy this story below. –Dylan

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Shilpy Gupta ’14. Transformed her career AND her life during UCLA FEMBA.


During FEMBA, Shilpy Gupta, ’14, (formerly Sr. Systems Engineer at Boston Scientific, now choosing between multiple job offers) has been a student leader, done an internship, received four job offers, and is now engaged to her classmate from Section 3, Nitin Saharan ’14, Lead Cross-Functional Project Manager at Cisco Systems

20140228 Shilpy Gupta 14 and Nitin Saharan 14  balcony  IMG_7361

Shilpy Gupta and Nitin Saharan. Both in Section 3. Both in the class of 2014. Now engaged! This photo was taken in Singapore during a FEMBA International Study trip.

Shilpy: FEMBA has changed my life!  I wanted to go to business school because I felt that my career was stationary and I wanted more opportunities for career growth.  For this reason, one of my biggest fears was that I would end up in the same job after graduating.  3 years later, I am pleased to say that my life has changed more than I expected, in a GREAT way.

During Leadership Foundations, my whole view of my leadership skills shifted and I started to better understand my weaknesses.  Risk taking was one of my biggest weaknesses.  I feared taking a risk when the outcome was unknown… 

20140228 Shilpy Gupta 14 and Nitin Saharan 14  panorama  306

Shilpy:  When presented with a summer internship for a large medical device company in Product Management, I knew that the opportunity was one that I could not pass up.  It was going to give me a push in the direction that I was hoping to take my career.  While I feared taking the risk of quitting my job for a summer internship that was not certain to lead to employment, thanks to Leadership Foundations I understood that all great leaders take big risks.  I decided to take the leap. 

My internship was one of the best experiences of my life.  It truly made a significant impact to my career.  After my internship I received a full-time offer for after graduation.  Because I had time off, I decided to try out Healthcare Consulting and now hold additional offers from 3 consulting companies.  I could not be more pleased with the outcome of how FEMBA impacted my career…

20140228 Shilpy Gupta 14 and Nitin Saharan 14 Fountain  IMG_7462

Shilpy and Nitin in Singapore on a FEMBA International Study trip.

Shilpy:I never thought there would be so much opportunity to learn about myself in FEMBA – both in terms of the type of career I am looking for and the type of leader and person I was to be.  From the first day of FEMBA, I met a variety of individuals with different backgrounds and started to grow my network and understand more about different companies and industries I have never heard of or knew nothing about.  This made me curious to explore other careers and industries and has made me better understand the type of career that gives me satisfaction…

Because everyone has a full time job, I expected people to be busy and caught up in their own jobs and lives.  I was wrong!!!!  FEMBA is a family, and it feels like a family.  FEMBA students put FEMBA classmates has a high priority and make efforts to help others in any way they can.  No matter what the event, there is a FEMBA student there.  Our class even had 50 FEMBA students go to Cabo to celebrate the end of our first year – this is truly amazing to see in a part-time program…

20140228 Shilpy Gupta 14 and Nitin Saharan 14  scuba  IMG_7361

Oh the places we’ll go…

(Dylan: And now, the best part of the story…)

Shilpy:  Oddly enough, even though Nitin and I spent a whole week together in Leadership Foundations, we didn’t actually meet until school started in September.  During our first year in FEMBA, we were friends and would mostly see each other during class and FEMBA outings (namely our weekly section happy hours). 

Things changed during the 2014 End of First Year trip to Cabo.  In spite of there being 50 FEMBAs around for 4 days straight, we got the opportunity to spend more time together and got to know each other.  After a conversation at the beach one afternoon where we spoke about our family beliefs and goals in life, we somehow found a connection and knew things between us would be different. 

After returning to LA, we started dating.  It took a few months for our section to realize this because we still valued the networking opportunities that came with going to class and FEMBA events, so we would never even sit together.  In spite of this, things were going great. 

About 15 months later, I was seeking a career change through on campus recruiting.  It was a very stressful time with many highs and lows.  One weekend, I was feeling more pressure than I felt I could handle.  To help calm me down, Nitin took me to Lake Shrine, located beside the beach off Sunset Blvd.  We went to service and walked around the mediation garden which was absolutely stunning.  Our visit helped put me at ease and I was able to complete all of my interviews, landing multiple offers. 

Two weeks later, after the stress of recruiting vanished, Nitin proposed at Lake Shrine.  We will be getting married this summer after graduation.

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