Raahul Srinivasan ’16: Magician, Bay Area Commuter, Double-Bruin

We admit the most amazing people to FEMBA.

Take Raahul Srinivasan, FEMBA 2016, who splits his time between Mountain View and Westwood, while he continues to amaze colleagues and classmates alike with his skills as a magician. A Double-Bruin and a member of the Magic Castle, a nearly 5,000-member Hollywood clubhouse for magicians, Raahul is one of those people I’m watching with anticipation to see what he creates next.

20140214 Raahul Srinivasan 16 in Daily Bruin

Raahul Srinivasan, FEMBA 2016, commutes to UCLA from San Francisco and continues to pursue his passion as a magician during graduate school.

The Daily Bruin did a profile story on Raahul last month, and also quoted his classmate, Massimo Chimienti, my favorite Italian FEMBA in the Class of 2016.

Here’s the full article. http://dailybruin.com/2014/02/12/graduate-student-balances-jobs-as-engineer-professional-magician/

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