Bon voyage to a class act: Dave Wilson, outgoing CEO of GMAC

I’ve attended GMAC Annual Conferences for a decade. GMAC is the company who delivers the GMAT exam. Last year, after 19 years of service, the CEO of GMAC, Dave Wilson, stepped down as CEO. I heard him give his farewell speech in Vancouver last summer, and below was his farewell letter to the GMAC community back on December 30, 2013.

Dave Wilson dedicated 19 years of his life to better graduate education in business. He was a class act as a leader. I wanted to offer him as an inspirational example of committed leadership.

I also wanted to highlight the UCLA Anderson connection. Dave’s predecessor was Bill Broesamle. Bill was CEO of GMAC for 13 years before Dave Wilson. Many older FEMBAs remember Bill from the 8 years (’95-’03) he taught here at Anderson, many of those years running Leadership Foundations with Professors Jack McDonough and Tony Raia.

Here is Dave’s farewell letter.

To the GMAC Family:

After almost nineteen years at GMAC’s helm, the time has come for me to retire.  December 31 will be my last day.

From the day I began here in early 1995, I have been surrounded by some of the most capable, committed, dedicated and energetic colleagues: my fellow employees here at GMAC; on the GMAC board of directors; the many committees and advisory groups; and with you, the deans and representatives of our member schools.  To a person, everyone associated with GMAC believes in the importance of holding to the highest of standards; that “good enough” never is.

From the solid foundation that Bill Broesamle left me almost two decades ago, with your commitment and support, your Council has prospered in so many ways.  We were paper based; we are paperless.  We were local; we are global.  We were small; we have grown.

Serving as CEO of GMAC was my third career after a decade in the academy and two decades with E&Y.  No one could ever have asked for a more fulfilling, exciting and challenging final stanza.

Thank you so very much for giving me this most wonderful opportunity to serve as your CEO.  I will miss you all.  And I wish you and your schools every success as you continue to educate the managers and leaders that will shape our world for years to come.

Carpe Diem.

20140314 Dave Wilson signature 

David A. Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

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