2 Careers, a new Baby and a relocation to LA: Cassandra and Jason Stokes ’15

Here is an inspiring story of a FEMBA-power-couple — Cassandra Stokes ’15 and her husband Jason Stokes, also ’15 — who happen to be really wonderful people. They are going through FEMBA together, have had a baby, commuted from the Bay Area and then relocated to LA. Cassandra did FLEX last year and is doing an internship this summer. They are doing it all!

20140321-2 Jason and Cassandra Stokes '15  20140214_193328

Jason and Cassandra Stokes, both FEMBA 2015, and their family. They commuted from the Bay Area, did Flex and had their daughter all in their first year here.

Living in the Bay Area originally, Jason and I began exploring the possibility of business school in the the first half of 2012, looking both locally in the Bay Area and abroad.  We wanted to find a program that would meet both of our interests.  We sought a top 25 school that would provide us with credibility in the Bay Area and beyond as we considered living on the East Coast or overseas.  At the same time, we sought a diverse student body with students from a variety of fields including tech, finance, engineering, energy and nonprofit.  Finally, we wanted a program that would provide us with a top MBA degree and as robust of an experience as we would experience in a full time MBA program, from Academics to On-campus Recruiting opportunities… Anderson delivered it in spades.

20140321 Cassandra Stokes 15

Cassandra Stokes, ’15. Private Wealth Management, summer of 2014, internship

Initially drawn to the Flex program, we realized we could make both the Saturday and Flex sections work for us.  Of course, life became more interesting when we realized shortly after admission that we would be blessed with our first daughter in the second quarter of our first year!  From the first phone call I received from admissions ensuring me it would be no problem to take a quarter off and resume the program, to the special requests we have had honored as we make juggling the program, our dual careers and family a reality, Anderson has provided a place for all three of us to be successful. We commuted the first six months of FEMBA, me in the FLEX cohort and Jason in the all-day Saturday section, and then relocated to Los Angeles after our baby came.

20140321 Jason Stokes 15

Jason Stokes, ’15. Risk Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank

What is it like doing an MBA together?  I can’t imagine doing it any other way at this point!  The mutual support and understanding we have been able to provide each other has made the demands of the program much more manageable as we share in the experience. This past year, I also successfully participated in summer internship recruiting both on- and off-campus via the various recruiting resources Anderson has to offer and will be in a Private Wealth Management internship this summer of 2014.

Jason has been active in Anderson Student Asset Management Association (ASAM) and was thrilled to spend a day with Warren Buffett earlier this year. He’s going to be VP of FEMBA Relations for the Investment Finance Association for the upcoming year.

We have remained in separate sections throughout the program and have each enjoyed our own unique experience at Anderson. We will be taking our first class together this Spring so we will let you know how that goes of course!  All signs point to success at this point. 🙂

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