Giving back: Rajesh Jha ’11 and Kambiz Aghili ’11

Easton Technology Leadership is hosting a “Business of Technology Panel” today and two of the three panelists are FEMBA alumni!

20140417 Rajesh Jha 11

Rajesh Jha, FEMBA 2011. Happened to run into Rajesh in the coffee shop today, so I jumped into listening to his panel for Easton Technology Leadership.

Rajesh Jha ’11, Cofounder & CEO at KinderTouch Inc. and Kambiz Aghili ’11, PhD, are both FEMBA alumni here on campus today generously giving their time to speak to about 40 Easton Technology Leadership participants.

20140417 Rajesh Jha and Kambiz Aghili on panel for Easton Tech Leadership

Rajesh Jha ’11, Kambiz Aghili ’11 and Farbod Hagigi, panelists and Angela Hsiao MBA 2014, moderator.

I’ve been following Rajesh since he was a student founding his first company. He now has two companies going and is putting in all the effort to be a successful entrepreneur.

2014 Kambiz Aghili 2011

Kambiz Aghili, FEMBA 2011, PhD

Kambiz came to UCLA Anderson FEMBA after completing his PhD and has been consulting and working and giving back to Anderson ever since.

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