Spring Break 2014: FEMBAs in Israel, Hong Kong and Brazil

41 UCLA Anderson students traveled to Israel over Spring Break 2014. The group consisted of 24 FEMBA, 11 Executive MBA and 6 full-time MBA students and was led the Director of International Studies, Bonny Kim, and by Professor Stuart Gabriel, Arden Realty Chair, Professor of Finance and Director, Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate at UCLA. Students earned 4 units of elective credit and made new friendships that will last a lifetime in this international study course, “Doing Business in Israel.”

This was Professor Gabriel’s second course in Israel. Above is a video from the 2012 Israel course. One unofficial tagline for UCLA FEMBA is “from handshakes to hugs.” Count the hugs in this video and get a sense of the life-long friendships people form here at UCLA.

201403 UCLA in Israel

2014 in Israel.   Can’t spell U-C-L-A without you. FEMBAs Tim Hui, Scott Huthmacher, Dinesh Shadrach, Kristin Moore, Yuliya Karuchek (standing up “L”), Christina Wang, Khoa Le, and Sayed Otaru (EMBA) giving it all for the photo!

Launched in 2008, FEMBA pioneered international courses for working professionals. Since then, FEMBA has delivered 33 courses to over 20 countries around the world. 1,737 students have participated in international courses as of Spring 2014.

201403 UCLA in Israel Kaiima and Professor Gabriel

Visit to Kaiima, a Bio Agri-Tech Company (shown here FEMBAs, 4 EMBAs, 1 MBA, Professor and staff). Stuart Gabriel (Professor), Khoa Le, David Wright, Jeff Zhou, John Fang, Scott Huthmacher, Arjun Ramamurthy, Sayed Otaru (EMBA), Tim Hui, Ben Kay, Stephen Shar, Chiao Cheng (EMBA), Kristin Moore, Yuliya Karuchek, Natalie Cariola (EMBA), Cindy Alsop, Viji Shastri (EMBA), Christina Wang, Chelsea Sellars, Megan Groh (full-time MBA), Dinesh Shadrach, and the one-and-only Bonny Kim!

Stephen Shar ’14, set a new FEMBA record this year. As a participant on the Israel trip, he was taking his sixth international course!

201402 UCLA in Israel  Cycling_group

UCLA Anderson in Israel, Spring Break 2014. FEMBAs biking through Israel: Scott Huthmacher, Stephen Shar, Yuliya Karuchek, Dinesh Shadrach, Tim Hui, Arjun Ramamurthy, Darwin Thomas, Khoa Le

Here are some of the 2012 participants again, getting their U-C-L-A on!

2012 Sam Fatoohi Red Sea Hero Shot  1596965_10151866788301905_1519389179_o

The 2012 FEMBA Doing Business In Israel trip: Sam Fatoohi and the crew!   U-C-L-A, can’t spell it without you!

P.S.  Not to leave anyone out.

Over the same Spring Break of 2014, a separate group of 44 students were studying in Brazil with Professor Leo Bursztyn, while yet a different group of 49 students were in Hong Kong with Professors (and Deans) Carla Hayn and Gonzalo Freixes.

Oh, the Places We Go!


Professor Leo Bursztyn, who led the Brazil course


Senior Associate Dean Carla Hayn, who led the Hong Kong course


Assistant Dean Gonzalo Freixes, also on the Hong Kong course

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