FEMBA-to-PhD, Jeremy Watson and Mahyar Kargar

Coming back to my office from the MEMES Conference, I ran into Jeremy Watson ’14+ and Mahyar Kargar ’13+.  Jeremy and Mahyar both transitioned part-way through FEMBA into PhD programs here are UCLA Anderson.


Two FEMBAs who are now PhD students, l-r, Jeremy Watson ’14 & ’17, Mahyar Kargar ’13 and Nathan May (Anderson’s Director of Digital Media…and future FEMBA…?)

When Mahyar Kargar, ’13+ entered FEMBA in 2010, he already had a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Now, as he pursues his second PhD, this time in Finance, he’s reinventing himself yet again. He loves academia so much he wants to make it his home from here forward.

20140516 Mahyar Kargar 13 and PhD in Finance

Mahyar Kargar, when one PhD just isn’t enough

Jeremy Watson, ’14+, I got to know two summers ago when he was in my Strategic Business Communications section. My how far he’s come, as he’s now pursuing his PhD in Marketing!

20140516 Jeremy Watson 14 and PhD in Marketing

Jeremy Watson, FEMBA 2014 and Marketing PhD in process, coming soon to a university near you

Jeremy and Mahyar both inspire me, as they have used their time in academe to create brand new futures for themselves.

And not to leave out Nathan May. Nathan joined UCLA Anderson as our Senior Director, Marketing and Digital Communications in April 2013, and instantly added value to the team. I love working with Nathan and this summer you’ll be seeing our new FEMBA website and its great new interface.

Next up, getting Nathan enrolled in FEMBA!

20140516 Nathan May

Nathan May, trusted consigliere on all things digital!

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