Academic Awards Dinner

Celebrating excellence tonight at the Academic Awards Dinner in the Executive Dining Room.

Tommy Taw. Vice President, Manager, Portfolio Analysis and Loss Forecasting, Bank of America shared this great photo of his stole for graduation. Note the slogan, “beast mode,” the nickname of Tommy’s original FEMBA study group.


Here’s Brady and Liz Kernion ’17, Senior Contributions Associate, Capital Group, and their new baby Percy, who’s peeking out of the baby stroller in the photo. Brady is graduating with honors from the full-time MBA program and taking a job with Google. Liz is starting FEMBA this year in the Class of 2017.

Here are my uber-smart table-mates for dinner tonight, all award winners, l-r: Tommy Taw, Nitin Saharan, Shilpy Gupta, Ryan Gutterson, Artak Arakelian and his girlfriend Lillit.

And finally, here’s Darren Aiello and his wife Mandy. Darren and Mandy had triplets the first year of FEMBA and will welcome baby four this year, at the same time Darren begins his PhD in Finance here!


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