FEMBApalooza 3

Thanks to everyone who participated last Sunday as FEMBApalooza 3 set new records for attendance and complexity. We hosted 766 attendees, including 64% of our entering class of 2017 and FEMBAs from 20 different class years, over 200 significant others, 101 children, and 16 staff and faculty. We’ve now surpassed 2,000 total guests in the three years of FEMBApalooza.


Mi familia! This was the third ‘Palooza for my wife and boys.


Thank you Franciso Alejo ’15. DJ X brought the music for the second year in a row.


The one and only Christy Marquez. For the third year in a row, Christy coordinated all the vendors and the reservations of FEMBApalooza. Great job!


Maureen Riley of FEMBA Admissions. Also a three-year veteran of managing our ‘Palooza.


Christina Robertson ’12, back on-campus. I saw Sam Fatoohi, and a great crew of fellow 2012s.


The tension mounts in one of the two World Cup viewing areas.


For the third year, the Bone Marrow drive was present. Thanks for keeping this tradition going!


Shreena Grewal ’16, and her entrepreneurial side business, Bites Desserts. All-natural ingredients + part of proceeds donated to charity. Thanks Shreena. It was delicious.


“From Handshakes to Hugs” was our theme this year. FEMBA is all about making life long connections.


The Clubs were hopping in the FEMBA Biergarten.


I hope you got your FEMBA swag!




The last photo requires an explanation. It’s actually a post-Palooza photo submitted to me by David Zhou, a new 2017. It epitomizes the whole point of FEMBApalooza.

Hi Dylan/Matt,

Happy Friday! I wanted to reach out and share some positive feedback on the well organized and meaningful time we had at FEMBAPALOOZA. Aside from the festivities, it was a really great kick start to the potential lifelong relationship with some very special people. As a matter of fact, we had our first 2017 happy hour + dinner last night with more 20+ UCLA attendance – wholly enabled by the networking last weekend. See attached on some of the photos from last night. I can speak on the behalf of the whole group that attended; we are all very excited for leadership foundations and the bright future ahead!  

As always, we welcome your coaching on active ways to positively contribute to the UCLA Anderson & FEMBA community.



My sincere thanks to everyone’s contributions, to make this year’s FEMBApalooza successful.

Christy Marquez who managed vendors
Raymond Morada for logistics
Matt Gorlick for atmospherics
Maureen Riley for continuity
Francisco Alejo ’15, our amazing DJ X
Shreena Grewal ’16, for the delicious desserts. Believe it or not, Bites Desserts isn’t her day job, but rather a part-time passion. She’s also dedicating part of her proceeds to charity.
Amber Jackson ’15, and Ryan Swank ’15, FEMBAssador Leaders for 13-14, for over 6-months of conference calls
James George ’16, and Allyson Tom ’16, FEMBAssador Leaders for 14-15, and also to James’ lovely wife who helped
All our FEMBAssador volunteers: Alan Kuei, Allyson Tom, Alyse Thompson, Andrew Kuntjoro, Brian Sterz, Chris Martinez, James Dailey, Jessica McConaughy, John Voralik, Jon Fong, Katie Marcoux, Kelly Stelbasky, Kristen Palchak, Lauren Johnson, Madhan Selvanathan, Nancy Yao, Riley Rindt, Roselle Shinsio, Steven Huang, Tatevik Torossian, Terry Shea
Aaron Schasse, Nathan May and Britt Benston of Anderson Marketing. We can’t wait to see the FEMBApalooza video capture.
The almost 20 FEMBAs who boldly went on camera in the interview corner.
Robert Downs, our photographer
Anna Cano, our Classic Party Rentals partner
Neli’s Catering, who brought not only the food but also the amazing balloon lady and face-painter
Auntie Em’s for the sound system and for sure for the World Cup satellites and viewing stations
Ronni Savage, our point person for Sunset Canyon Recreation Center. Thanks for the great logistics support and the security team.

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