The Flood of 2014

What a unique week! Who would have ever guessed a 93-year-old water main would break and pump 35,000 gallons/minute down the hill to UCLA? Fortunately, no one was hurt; unfortunately, the damage is real. Some of our team members still don’t have their cars released. Here’s what it looked like up close.


Westwood Plaza, with the cross-walk underwater. All the water was rolling down Sunset, from the right of the photo.


Here’s thousands of gallons/minute flowing into our own Lot 4.


Raymond Morada, our FEMBA Marketing and Communications Manager, was watching the morning news when he saw his own car on the footage of the cars being towed out of Lot 4. “Oh my goodness–That’s my car!”


Our Associate Director, Maureen Riley, was interviewed coming to campus to teach Tuesday evening. Click below to watch.


Associate Director, Matt Gorlick ’13, smiling at the off-site, car-recovery lot. “I got my car back, and I can’t believe I left the house with such a wrinkled shirt!”


Looking down at Drake Stadium. This is all the water that found its way to Pauley Pavilion.

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