Making History: The new FEMBA Class of 2017

Last week we welcomed the UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2017, the 27th entering class and the largest-ever entering class!

The highlight of my year is making the opening-day welcome, where I get to give the class profile and share my “diamonds polish diamonds” metaphor. My half-hour speech is only a small part of the whole Leadership Foundations, an intense, five-day immersion taught by some of our freshest-thinking professors, embedding social-connectivity with multiple experiential-learning components.

20140825 LF Diamonds Polish DiamondsBelow are some of the statistics of our amazing new class of students, as well as some photos of the week.

The FEMBA Class of 2017

  • The 27th entering FEMBA class
  • 330 students = most ever. Up 13% from last year.
    FEMBA has more than quintupled since beginning in 1988.
    At over 900 students, FEMBA is poised to be one of UCLA’s largest graduate program student bodies, if not the largest.

20140825 LF Poised to be largest

  • 715 applications, up 19% from last year
  • 92 women = most ever
  • 23 Military = most ever (to the best of my knowledge)
  • 8 MDs = most ever
    I don’t know how to confirm this, but my hunch is that this is more than any other part-time and also probably any other full-time MBA program.
  • 7 Lawyers
  • 3 PhDs (Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering and Experimental Particle Physics!)
  • Class includes patent-holders, published authors, CPAs, CFAs, Eagle Scouts, a Peace Corps graduate, a Teach for America graduate, Missionaries, Riordan program alumni
  • 2 married couples (both spouses in Class of 2017)
  • 3 are married to other Anderson students (2 MBA, 1 FEMBA)
  • 5 members of the class have a parent with an Anderson MBA
  • 443 SuperSaturday admission interviews were held on-campus.
    100% of all admits were interviewed.
    We’ll surpass 5,000 life-time SuperSaturday interviews November 8th!
  • 9% are of Hispanic or African-American heritage
  • 36% are married
  • 30 average age
  • 610-730 middle 80% GMAT
  • 3.4 average undergraduate GPA
  • 26% hold advanced degrees
  • 150 undergraduate universities represented
    UCLA #1, 46 graduates
    USC #2, 23
    UC Irvine #3, 16
    UC Berkeley #4, 13
    16 Ivy League graduates
    9 Military Academy graduates
  • 268 total employers represented

20140825 LF 268 companies

  • $83,198 is average salary
  • 77 are already earning over $100,000/year
    27 nationalities/countries of birth  (the United Nations meets Hogwarts!)
    34 states of birth

20140825 LF a Global Village

  • 7% reside outside of California and 1% reside outside the US (see below)
    We have three international commuters (two from China and one from the UK, all into FLEX)
  • FLEX grew 11% from last year ( up to 63 from 57 )
    FLEX has students from 13 states and 2 countries (China and UK)

20140825 LF Our Reach is Growing

What’s it like to give a keynote welcome to 330 people? A bit intimidating, especially since it takes three shots just to photograph them all.

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-1

The new FEMBA Class of 2017, August 25, 2017, day one of Leadership Foundations. 1 of 3.

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-2

The new FEMBA Class of 2017, August 25, 2017, day one of Leadership Foundations. 2 of 3. (See Associate Dean Freixes down front.)

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-3

The new FEMBA Class of 2017, August 25, 2017, day one of Leadership Foundations. 3 of 3. (Directors Melissa de Ramos and Bonnie Kim coming down for their opening welcomes.)

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-Kari Schumaker welcome 2

Hail to the Chief! Our FEMBA student body president, Kari Schumaker ’15, welcomes the new students.

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-Kari Schumaker welcome

Let out your inner thespian. Joining Kari on-stage are FEMBA Council Officers Vibhore Bhaskar, Amber Jackson, David Forbes, Chihiro Kurokawa and Allyson Tom for a skit or two.


20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-Allyson Tom

Allyson Tom ’15, FEMBAssador Co-Chair, also welcomed the 2017s, and gave an overview of FEMBAssadors.

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-David Duong welcome

David Duong plugged all-things-social. In the background he showed two videos, for Section Wars, and here, AnderProm.

20140825 LF day one Class of 2017-Hands Up

If you’re excited to be starting at UCLA, let’s see you raise your hands!

20140825 LF Ops Team

They made six months’ worth of work look effortless; the team who managed the entire week: Kuni Kondo, Itze Ornelas, Amjad Ezzour, Michael Fontanez, Abraham Martinez.

20140826  LF 2017 - TAs

These upperclass FEMBAs gave up a week too, so that they could be the Teaching Assistants for Leadership Foundations: Brad Phillipi, Ryan Rosales, Chihiro Kurokawa, Jack Warren, Asa Sharma, and Alyse Thompson.

20140825  LF 2017 - Faculty

The engine that makes the whole enterprise go, our excellent faculty. Here were the five leaders of Leadership Foundations 2014, our professors Keyvan Kashkooli, Noah Goldstein, Craig Fox, Margaret Shih and Jenessa Shapiro.

Finally, I want to thank the three team who make my professional life possible, my Admissions Team, Our Alumni Reader Team, and our FEMBAssador team. Thanks everyone! Your efforts created this history-making, largest-ever entering FEMBA Class of 2017!20140825 LF Admissions Team 20140825 LF Alumni Reader Team 13-1420140825 LF FEMBAssador Team 13-14


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