Failing is just another word for growing

Ahh…Friday afternoon. The day before Saturday classes if you’re a UCLA FEMBA. The day before Texas A&M faces another Mississippi team if you’re me, and time for a Friday Footnote!

I’ve committed myself to no longer have email be an albatross around my neck, but rather to ‘go with it’ and open all of ’em.

In that spirit, as I ‘went with it’ this week and was reading all my unopened emails, I came across an incredible note from a favorite alumna, Amy Cheng-Tran ’13, Director, Strategic Partnerships, enso. Amy wrote me over a month ago to update me on an inspiring campaign they were launching for Khan Academy. Their launch film, see below, has 1,485,465 views in six weeks.

20141010 Amy Cheng-Tren 13

Amy Cheng-Tran ’13, from the enso website

Hi Dylan,

Hope you are doing very well. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since graduation.

Today is a big day for enso, and I wanted to share it with you.  

For the past few months we’ve been working with Khan Academy, as its first agency partner of any kind, with the objective of amplifying its current level of success (over 10M students per month, 400M+ lessons delivered and over 2 billion problems solved).

Rather than create an ad campaign for Khan Academy, our approach has been to develop a creative campaign that can spark a movement around learning.  We’ve based this on Dr. Carol Dweck’s work at Stanford, which shows that our relationship to struggle and challenges determines our success — a ‘growth mindset’ as opposed to a ‘fixed mindset’. In a fixed mindset people believe they are born with an innate, fixed level of intelligence and are ‘just not good at math’, ‘can’t do languages’ etc. — over 50% of people have a fixed mindset.   So our campaign is designed to put the core idea into the world:  

You only have to know one thing.
You can learn anything.

Today we launched the first creative for You Can Learn Anything, which we hope becomes an idea many people can get.

Here is the launch film You can learn anything.

This is something I think I knew was true in my heart but wish the growth mindset had been more ingrained for me earlier on in my education, as it could have perhaps gotten me through some really hard courses and all-nighters at Anderson with less pain! So I wanted to share this with you as I think it will resonate with a lot of fellow classmates.

All the best,


I hope you were inspired by the Amy’s enso film for Khan Academy, but wait, there’s more!

Amy directed a prize-winning film here at UCLA Anderson for our All Anderson Commercial Challenge in 2011, and I wanted to post it here, to give you one final inspiration for your Friday afternoon. (that’s Amy, front left)


To get the reference to today’s title, you have to watch the enso film.

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