Me, a life-long learner too

I’m in my third straight day of class: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This weekend, the Wisdom Unlimited Course, and today, day one of the Executive MBA Council Conference. Both conferences are talking about the power of education, the power of language.

Here are some random quotes I’ve heard the last 72 hours that are inspiring to me. They all live in the context of education, purpose and living a life with passion.

  • “Face-to-Face” is our core competence (especially education in US)
  • Can I talk about anything, with anyone, anywhere, at anytime?
    If not, why? Why can’t I just listen and give someone the experience of being heard?
  • When raising kids, what if the goal of education was to raise fully functioning, self-determining people? Would that change how I approach my children’s education?
  • The Best Three Things about America (one presenter’s idea)
    1. Our Constitution
    2. Higher Education
    3. Blue Jeans
  • Learning is like loving. It is a very personal thing. There’s no such thing “intellectual engagement” in isolation.
  • Why do people go to university sports games, but sometimes find classes ‘boring’? Maybe it’s because the outcome in sports is unknown, but too often classrooms become predictable.
  • Leo Burke gave a keynote that highlighted Notre Dame’s “Integral Leadership Institute” which sounds like a great program, “Look inward to Move the Organization Forward.”
  • Monica Sharma, MD, talked about the Global Leader of Tomorrow, who will have an appreciation for Context, Complexity and Connectedness.
  • Leo Burke also talked about Elinor Ostrom (from UCLA, even though he didn’t mention that) the first and only woman to win the Nobel Prize for Economics. He explained how she provided new thinking to the idea of the Commons. This past weekend, there too we were looking at what is possible for humanity in the social commons, when resources flow between people.
  • Finally, Leo was speaking about five great pillars that support civilization, and the interplay between the five: food, water, energy, climate and population

Going to have to leave this conference in 15 minutes to make it back to campus to pick up my child. Been an enriching three days. Can’t wait for tomorrow.



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