FEMBA, Soccer and Football

Back-to-back action today! Just a typical Saturday at UCLA in FEMBA.

Breakfast meeting with the 2016 FEMBA Council Section Reps.



Next was the Women’s Breakfast, organized by Christy Marquez and featuring great alumnae.

Here I am with Christy and Carole Neal FEMBA 1997.

The panelists today were (l-r) Carole Neal ’97, Julie Brensike ’11, Aubrey Kelly ’12 and Sara Kramer ’14.

Our Faculty speaker was Professor Jenessa Shapiro. Here she is giving an overview of Organizational Behavior.

From recruiting to Hollywood. Raymond Morada, our Marketing and Communications Manager, organized a video shoot for today to capture “Welcomes” from current students that we’ll share with the new Class of 2018. Here is David Duong ’15 recording his welcome, with Jordan Cruz ’17 standing next to Raymond, awaiting his turn.


And now, FEMBA Council! Here we all are in A.202 for the monthly, all-FEMBA Council meeting. It’s the leadership of FEMBA Council that keeps FEMBA growing in real time, to meet the needs of our students.


Here I am with Kari and Raymond.


Then, it was down the 405 to the Fox Hills recreation area to watch my seven-year-old and his team, the “Black Dragons.” The Black Dragons have orange shirts, because we named the team before the uniforms arrived.


And, finally, home to watch my beloved Aggies. We’ll see how they do. Just another day with UCLA, family and fun.


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