TGIF! Hits of the week

What a busy week around campus:

  • Thick in the reading of Round One applications;
  • John Wooden Global Leadership Award Monday;
  • San Diego recruiting Wednesday;
  • Vincent Chan ’17 promoted to Vice President Wednesday;
  • Recruiting on-campus Thursday;
  • Sunshine in SoCal before the big game with USC tomorrow.

20141117 2014 Wooden Awards holding Gonzalo

20141117 2014 Wooden Awards fellowship recipients

20141117 Wooden Awards Gary Lai Vibhore Bhaskar Allyson Tom and Nicole aBeckett and husband  Fellowship honoree

Gary Lai 15, Vibhore Bhaskar 15, Allyson Tom ’15, with Nicole and her husband

20141117 2014 Wooden Award evening table members

We won the “most spirited table” award!

20141121 Nicole aBeckett Wooden Fellowship honoree

Nicole’s recognition, back on-campus.

Wednesday in San Diego, Christy Marquez hosted 26 prospects for the information lunch. She got great support from current and alumni FEMBAs: Amod Bam 2017, Naomi Reynolds 2017, Richard Stanley 2013, Allen Tian 2013, Fred Ellis 2013.

Thursday on-campus, we had A.301 almost full for a UCLA staff FEMBA lunch-and-learn. I hosted this one and was supported by the team and three great FEMBAs, Paisha Allmendiger ’13, Rachel Saar ’17 and my buddy, Steve Yu ’03.

20141120  UCLA Employee Recruiting Event Paisha Allmendinger 13 Rachel Saar 17 and Steve Yu 03 labeled

Thursday, we hosted 40+ UCLA staff interested in FEMBA. With me are the three wonderful FEMBA panelists who supported our lunch-and-learn.

And just when I thought there wasn’t room for any more good news, came a wonderful email from Vincent Chan ’17, brand new VP, Client Solutions, at Ares Management, announcing his career victory:

Dear, Gordon, Susan and Dylan,

Wanted to make sure you are amongst the first to know!  I was promoted today to VP, Clients Solutions, at Ares Management, and I have you guys to thank!

Right about the time I got accepted to FEMBA, our firm was going through a restructure, and my promotion was put on hold.  I was transferred to a new group and put under a manager who was new to the company and didn’t know much about me.  I wasn’t officially a student yet, but Gordon was generous enough to meet with me.  It was very helpful to bounce off ideas with Gordon, and after that I met with my old and new bosses on a regular basis to make sure I was on track.

Another very valuable tip I got was from the Career Management Workshop that Gordon and Susan conducted at the end of LF.  The list of accomplishments that Susan suggested us to work on, that was money!  That’s what I provided to my new boss at the performance review and he helped me build a case and got me promoted!

Dylan, thought you might want to know that I’ve put my FEMBA to work already, and it’s only my first quarter!  Everything you said was true!  =)  I’m so excited to be in the program and thank you all for your support!

Best Regards,
Vincent Chan
FEMBA 17, Section 4

Vincent Chan 17 new Vice President of Client Solutions at Ares Management

Vincent Chan 17 new Vice President of Client Solutions at Ares Management

Parting thought for the week…

SoCal has great weather.

Did you hear that Buffalo, New York, got over seven feet of snow this week… Here was what I saw when I looked up a lunch this afternoon in the courtyard.

20141121 sunshine in November

Did you know that Buffalo, New York, received over 7 feet of snow this week? Blue skies from the courtyard of UCLA Anderson today.




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