2015 – best year ever

Last post of 2014 ==> first post of 2015

It’s been a wonderful year, learning to blog, and as I approach 50,000 views I have to say thank you to all the “shared success” that these FEMBA victory stories represent.

Below are two awesome videos shared to me by FEMBA alumnae, Valerie Sun and Rosaleah Macareah, both 2013. The videos capture FEMBA life-long friendships, international travel and ongoing career expansion (both Valerie and Leah are considering moving to Shanghai at some point in their careers).

Today’s my last work day of 2014, and tomorrow I’m on a 7:00AM flight with my wife and sons to visit family and friends in New Jersey, Rhode Island and Texas. I can’t wait to see Christmas through the eyes of a seven-year-old and a two-year-old!

This year was a biggie. The entering Class of 2017 set all kinds of records: largest class ever, most women, most MDs, most military, most in Flex. At over 900 total students, FEMBA is now the second-largest (of the over 100) graduate program at UCLA.

My deep thanks to our amazing FEMBAassadors and FEMBA Council, to my team and to all the faculty who earn our school’s reputation.

2015 – best year ever

For next year, I’m playing a game called “2015 – best year ever” and anyone and everyone who is interested in welcome to play too. I played this game in 2012 with a group of friends and my wife. In 2012, the following miracles opened up while playing the game: we had our second son, I got to teach at Anderson, Flex launched, and Dean Carla Hayn surprise-promoted me to Assistant Dean in front of over 500 people at the first-ever FEMBApalooza. Pretty cool year!

I’m a big fan of this game “best year ever.” It focuses the conversation and adds an element of “time is precious” to the living of my life. I invite you to consider playing along next year. I’ll create more infrastructure in January.

Valerie and Leah’s amazing videos

And now the best part. Serendipitously, Valerie sent me the link to this first video this week, along with this description.

Valerie: Hey Dylan and Maureen, Thought you might enjoy this video Leah Macaraeg put together. There were the 4 of us traveling to Thailand and Cambodia and we visited our friend Pankaj (also FEMBA 2013) and his wife Megha in Singapore (he is featured toward the beginning of the video).

Our videographer and the mastermind behind the video was Rosaleah Macaraeg so I would love to credit her if possible. :)The 4 travelers (and obvious children of the 80s) are:
Rosaleah (Leah) Macaraeg, FEMBA 2013
Director, Strategy and Special Projects at DaVita Healthcare Partners
Valerie Sun, FEMBA 2013
Director, Regional IPA Operations at HealthCare Partners

Paisha Allmendinger, FEMBA 2013
Director of Finance and Operations, Smarter Balanced at UCLA
Naomi Hartono, FEMBA 2013
Webmaster, Metrolink (Southern California Regional Rail Authority)
All of us participated in the global immersions during Anderson and we continue to travel when we get the opportunity. Almost 2 years out of FEMBA, and our friendships are still going strong, even with former classmates who live abroad. Our strong drive motivated us to hit up all 5 pools in one afternoon in Phuket. Negotiation and BATNAs came in handy with the night markets. Other than that, we just had fun playing with elephants, getting $7 massages, eating good food, exploring temples, and watching tourists and locals laugh at us when we filmed segments of the hammer dance.

Dylan: Hi Valerie, I was laughing out loud and loving the creativity and the dance moves!  Look out world! 

For your enjoyment.

2014 Thailand – You Can’t Touch This from Leah Macaraeg on Vimeo.

Then, just today, I got this second video, from Leah Macaraeg ’13.

Leah: Hi Dylan!  You can’t put a price tag on lifetime friendships (especially the kind that will Hammer with you through South East Asia). 

To that end – just one last video I thought you might enjoy.  It was intended to be a FEMBA summary…but it’s mostly the FEMBA social life (happy hours, shark cage diving, white water rafting, climbing Table mountain in South Africa, getting lost driving in Italy for GAP, para sailing, Tough Mudder, karaoke, hiking, Rangar Relays, bungee jumping, fundraising for homewalk, beach volleyball, etc) sandwiched in between graduation.  Makes you wonder when we got all our studying done!

Work Hard Play Hard from Leah Macaraeg on Vimeo.

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