CEO of Hulu. Joe and Josie Bruin. And more.

Happy Friday afternoon; hope you got some rain. Here are some quick highlight moments of the last few days UCLA.

#1 moment – Seeing FEMBA Alum, Mike Hopkins ’01, CEO of Hulu, on-stage in Korn Hall kicking off the 5th annual Pulse Conference this morning. Mike spoke about the opportunities he’s facing as CEO: navigating digital markets and trends, hiring hundreds of new “Huligans” and on-boarding them into the culture, and more. Inspiring!

20150130 Pulse Conference Mike Hopkins 01 and Professor Sanjay Sood

Mike Hopkins ’01, on-stage with Marketing Professor Sanjay Sood today.

Moment #2 – Having a one-on-one with new FEMBA 2017 Laura Lefkowitz this afternoon. Laura’s a unique FEMBA in that she was originally a full-time MBA at my alma mater, Chicago Booth. For various reasons, Booth wasn’t the right fit and she picked up and came to California and we happily admitted her to FEMBA. We were comparing notes, and it was insightful.

20150130 Laura Lefkowitz 17 and me at Il Tram

Moment #3 – Having a Joe and Josie Bruin siting yesterday in Ackerman!

20150129 Joe and Josie Bruin Christy Maureen Ackerman

L-R Joe Bruin, Christy Marquez, Josie Bruin, Maureen Riley and me, at Ackerman yesterday.

Moment #5 – Last Saturday’s Open House. Great Crowd. Great Panel. Watch it here.

20150124 WQ OH Panel Matt Gorlick David Duon 15 Heather Layne 15 Krisin Palchak 16 and Ryan Swank 15

Our amazing panelists: Matt Gorlick ’13 (moderator), David Duong ’15, Heather Layne ’15, Kristen Palchak ’16 and Ryan Swank ’15

20150124 WQ OH Icebreaker left

Ice breaking and Networking

20150124 WQ OH Icebreaker right

Ice breaking on the other half of the room

20150124 WQ OH Panel Matt Gorlick David Duon 15 Heather Layne 15 Krisin Palchak 16 and Ryan Swank 15 from back view

Our panel sharing their FEMBA experience.

Moment 5.1 – Getting this cool AnderProm promo video from David Duong ’15

Moment 5.2 – Getting this cool FEMBA Section Wars promo video from David Duong ’15


Moment #6 – Forgetting my computer bag
All the Admissions leaders meet once a quarter, and I left my computer bag yesterday in the doctoral office suite. I went home without my bag and it reminded me of a blog post I wrote back in 2011, called “Going to work naked.”

20150130 going to work naked

My temporarily lost shoulder bag, and the beautiful view from the 5th floor of the C building. You’re seeing the Dean’s Office courtyard and Bel Air in the background.

Final great moments of the week – Going to church last Sunday with my two boys. My wife was out of town, doing her residential at Gonzaga for her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Here are our shadows. To the left is my two-year-old, looking up at his hero, while to my right is my seven-year-old, doing his crazy “chicken butt” dance… Ah fatherhood.

20150125 shadows with my boys

My boys and me last Sunday. These guys keep me motivated.

Seeing this amazing sunset over Westwood, as I picked up my little guy from day care yesterday and pushed him on the swing.

20150129 Swinging sunset



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