Dropped my guacamole: SuperBowl Ad has FEMBA Nick Avallone ’11

There I was. Watching the SuperBowl. Eating my chips, when BAM!

Was that Nick Avallone, FEMBA 2011, former FEMBA Council President, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Hospira, on national TV?   Why, Yes, it was.

20150201 Nick Avallone 11 in the SuperBowl

Nick Avallone during the SuperBowl.

I tracked Nick down this week. Of course, he was in London.

Dylan: Saw the commercial. Couldn’t believe it. What was the story?

Nick: Yes, that really was me, although I was only in the teaser, not the full length Super Bowl spot, but still exciting. And, a great story about how McDonald’s has been launching a new brand image, focusing on bringing the “lovin'” back to communities, or at least highlighting that in their campaigns.

The back story in a nut shell is I had gone into a McDonald’s, and when ordering, was surprised by their “pay with lovin'” approach. Cameras were hidden, and I didn’t know I was being filmed until after I was done, when they filled me in they were creating a video, and walking out the door. This was several months ago, during a 1 store pilot, and the videos they captured have transpired into their newest campaign. (If you haven’t seen their other new commercials, check them out; one focuses on arch enemies, one highlights the signs in local communities, etc.)

I’d be happy to fill you in even more if you’re interested. I’m in London until late tomorrow…feel free to blog away. 🙂

At $4.5M, for 30 seconds, I figure America got to see Nick for the bargain price of $200,000. He’s on-screen at about the 4-second mark.

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