FEMBAs raise $12,000 for charity

FEMBAs doing well. Love this story! Thanks to Aaron and Deyan, for collaborating, making a difference, and “Sharing Success.”

Hey Dylan!

I wanted to share with you. Deyan Sabourian (FEMBA 2017 Section 4) and I (Aaron Bergman, FEMBA 2017 Section 4), teamed up to throw a fundraiser February 27th, to support my nonprofit I work for, Communities In Schools of Los Angeles

20150313 Aaron Bergman Communities-Schools-85-L

Front Row, L-R, David Zhou 17 and Rossanna Li (MBA 14) Back Row, L-R, Ethan Held 17, Terrence Winters 17, Deyan Sebourian 17, Aaron Bergman 17 and Avery Merriex 17

20150313 Aaron Bergman 5 Communities-Schools-36-L Avery Merriex

Avery Merriex 17, perusing the choices for giving.

It was an awesome event and we got some FEMBAS out to support us!  Many of our classmates wanted to come, but couldn’t, but donated anyway. Knowing that there is such a strong culture of giving inside of our FEMBA community means a lot to me, having spent most of my career inside of both nonprofits and the classroom.

I saw this firsthand, obviously with all of the folks who donated, but then was able to experience it through the help of Deyan, who brought on Society of Young Philanthropists to help throw the event for my nonprofit. Even our own Nico, our Econ professor, donated!

We ended up raising about $12K for Communities In Schools of Los Angeles. Communities In Schools of Los Angeles is the leading dropout prevention program in the country. We serve over 15,000 students in LA and post a 97% graduation for our seniors.

20150313 Aaron Bergman 4 Communities-Schools-163-L

A Party with a Purpose: Supporting  Communities in Schools, Los Angeles

We are raising money to place more of our adult experts permanently on a school’s campus to make sure all children who are at-risk of dropping out get the resources and one on one relationships they deserve to graduate.

20150313 Aaron Bergman2 Communities-Schools-87-L

L-R Terrence Winters, Aaron Bergman, David Zhou, Deyan Sabourian, Avery Merriex



Dylan: Post Script.
I hope we can recruit Aaron and Deyan into planning FEMBApalooza 4.0. I’d love to weave in a charitable giving element this year.  Hint. Hint!

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