5 countries, 2 new jobs, 1 successful FEMBA: Alex Lawrence 2015

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - LinkedIn PhotoAlex Lawrence ’15, Manager of Strategy at MarketShare, was interesting before FEMBA, and he’s even more so now as he gets ready to graduate.

We caught up recently about everything from working for the Dodgers to learning to cook empanadas in Argentina…and his great career transitions.

Hi Dylan,

Hope you’re doing well! I was busy wrapping some things up with finals and then was out of town for spring break. Here’s what’s been cooking with me…

Before FEMBA, as you recall, I was working in sales/marketing in the sports industry (LA Dodgers, Anaheim Ducks, and a sports agency called Wasserman Media Group) and I found myself getting really interested in understanding how to value things like naming rights, sponsorships, and athlete endorsements.

No photoshop, this is me with Vin Scully during my time with the Dodgers.

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - Vin

I saw brands paying A LOT of money to sponsor athletes or attach their name as part of a naming rights/sponsorship deal and I didn’t see a lot of analytics or legitimate attempts to try to quantify what those initiatives were really worth.

So, before coming to Anderson, I knew I wanted to transition into marketing and I knew that I wanted to build up my quantitative marketing skills to eventually put myself in a position post-Anderson where I would be working in an area that would help me answer those types of questions.

[Oh, the places he went…Alex on one of his three international experiences during FEMBA.]

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - 1

During FEMBA…Obviously, a lot has happened during my time in FEMBA. In Spring Quarter of my first year I took my first step towards transitioning to a career in marketing and found a job in brand marketing at Warner Bros.

I also went on two Global Immersions [our one-week, international courses]. The first was to Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic) with Prof. Dominique Hanssens. Here we are Budapest on the Danube River during a dinner cruise from the Summer 2013 Global Immersion.

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - Budapest group photo with Professor Hanssens

…and then my second Global Immersion was to Argentina last summer with Prof. Andres Terech. This photo of us with the aprons on was when a small group took a cooking class from a local woman and her husband in Buenos Aires this past summer. They taught us how to make empanadas, flan, and dulce de leche.

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - Buenos Aires Cooking Class


This next photo is a group photo of the entire group in Buenos Aires outside of the steakhouse Estilo Campo.

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - Buenos Aires


20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - 1 (2)Beyond the two Global Immersions, I was also able to travel to New Zealand as part of our GAP [Global Access Program] work with the Auckland Rugby Academy (these photos are from that trip).

I’ve also met some amazing people and made lifelong friends.

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - 2 (2) What’s next?

My time at Anderson was definitely a success. Starting April 1st I begin a new job as Manager of Strategy at MarketShare (www.marketshare.com).

20150406 Alex Lawrence 15 - 3 (3)MarketShare was actually co-founded by one of our professors here (Prof. Hanssens, the same professor from my Global Immersion to central Europe) and what we do is help big brands understand how effective their marketing efforts are across all channels and help them to optimize their spending.

We work a lot with “big data”/marketing analytics to help companies assign a dollar value to what their different marketing campaigns are worth and half of the Fortune 50 are clients. I’m excited to be working with a lot of really smart people (and a lot of Anderson alums!) and be a part of what should be a really interesting area of marketing in the future.

Hope this captures what you’re looking for in the blog. Can’t believe how fast 3 years has gone by!




Dylan: Well. There we go again. Another unique and fruitful journey through the opportunities and connections of UCLA Anderson. Congratulations Alex. We’re going to miss you. So happy for all your accomplishments and thanks for the blog!


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