Most Famous FEMBA: Corey Berse 2011

I had a star sighting Sunday morning, walking down Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.

20150419 Corey Berse 11 and Dylan on Wilshire

“Hey Dylan,” came the voice of none other than Corey Berse, FEMBA 2011, Vice President, Head of Marketing, Houlihan Lokey. Corey was leaving breakfast with his wife Heather and we got to catch up.

“Are you still running the Commercial Challenge?” Corey asked during our conversation.

“No. I had to let go of that last year, as we wanted to focus on FEMBApalooza,” I replied.

For your Monday viewing pleasure, allow me to dust off two of the finest pieces of FEMBA cinema ever produced, the 2010 and 2011 All-Anderson Commercial Challenge, prize-winning entries submitted by Corey and his amazing FEMBA team “Exploding Head Productions.” These Commercials have stood the test of time! Enjoy.


Corey will be attending FEMBApalooza 4, so bring your autograph books. Maybe he’ll reunite Mark Harper and Belinda Cheng and all those amazing 2011s…  We can dream, can’t we?



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