Sharing Success: meet Gunit Bedi ’09

Share Success is one of the three pillars of Think in the Next, the heart of who we are at UCLA Anderson. What does sharing success look like?

For FEMBA alumna Gunit Bedi, ’09, Sr. Registered Client Service Associate, UBS Financial Services, sharing success looks like an ongoing relationship with both Anderson and the community at large. Gunit volunteered for SuperSaturday Admission Interviews this year, and we just saw each other two weeks ago at FEMBApalooza.

20150731_GunitBedi09_atFEMBApalooza4_image1Dylan: So, Gunit, catch me up; what’s going on with you?

Gunit: Well, busy as always at UBS, and outside work I’ve been to Thailand this year (Maureen Riley from Admissions gave me great travel tips.) and also completed my second Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Last year, we walked all over beautiful Santa Barbara, 39.3 miles in two days, and this year every step was in gorgeous San Francisco, again 39.3 miles.

20150731_GunitBedi09_AvonWalk_2_IMG_1455We’ve raised over $4.6 million raised for breast cancer research!

20150731_GunitBedi09_AvonWalk_IMG_1455Dylan: Wow. That is so great. $4.6 million.

Thanks for joining us at FEMBApalooza 4, and for sending me the photo of you and me and Gonzalo.

Tell our readers a bit about how you share success and give back to UCLA.

20150731_GunitBedi09_atFEMBApalooza4_withDylanandGonzalo_image3Gunit: Well you know I’m a double Bruin [UCLA BA Economics with College Honors] and I love to give back. The last two years, donating my time as a GAP Fellow and Fellow Board Member has been especially rewarding.

Dylan: I know Paul Brandano ’06 and Michelle Garcia (the leadership of GAP) love having you and Clarissa Avendano ’13 and Oscar Rodriguez ’14 and all the other alumni GAP Fellows. They say that you are key to GAP’s growth and impact.

To us here in admissions, you’ve always been so generous with donating your time, whether for SuperSaturday interviews or helping Christy and Maureen with our Women’s Breakfasts or our marketing research.

Look at these SuperSaturday photos I found of you, one from 2014, and another from 2008!

20141108_SuperSaturday36_TeamPhotoAbove, Gunit is right in the middle, front row with the scarf.
Below, Gunit is far left, with the brown wrap, leaning in.
20080405_SuperSaturday18AMTeamPhoto_Slide15Dylan: Thanks Gunit, for being the kind of alumna who always leaves UCLA a little bit stronger, every time you come back and share success with us. We are lucky to have you!

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