Pet-Loving FEMBAs Create PetSnap

Five Pet-Loving FEMBAs Bring Pet Health and Wellness Management to Your Smartphone

Love your pet?

Want to be the best pet-parent you can be?

In 2012, Matt Rose and his wife Kate learned that their dog, best friend and ski buddy Barlow had cancer. Barlow fought the disease for almost two years. It was an emotional time, and Matt and Kate felt overwhelmed and confused tracking all of Barlow’s medical records, appointments and medications. They were concerned that they or one of Barlow’s many vets might miss (or misplace) something critical in all of those paper records.


Matt and Kate Rose posed with Barlow for their engagement photo in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Matt formed a team of FEMBA classmates at UCLA Anderson to build an app that could combine all of Barlow’s paper records in one safe place, and allow Matt and Kate to keep that information with them in case of emergency, and easily share it with vets, dog sitters or friends.

The team talked to a lot of pet owners who needed anytime access to their pet’s health information, and PetSnap was born.

Their team of five FEMBAs is changing the way you take care of your furry friends with their free mobile website and app, PetSnap. PetSnap is a pet health management platform that allows pet owners and veterinarians to collectively manage animal health from a computer or mobile device. It helps pet owners organize, digitize, and share their pets’ health records, and also set reminders for appointments, medications, and/or treatments.

When Barlow got sick with cancer, Matt was introduced to the problem of not having all Barlow’s medical history succinctly in one place.

PetSnap empowers pet owners to manage their pets’ health as well as they manage their own. As lifelong pet parents, the team at PetSnap truly believes that their platform can help make a difference in the health and well-being of animal family members. And the community seems to agree – PetSnap had a great response at last summer’s FEMBApalooza, signing up over 300 attendees.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, during a mentoring session with PetSnap on campus, agreed that “This lowers the stress of being a pet parent. It makes them feel good and that they are taking better care of their pet.”

You can support PetSnap. Like all start-ups, PetSnap needs to gain momentum. Two actions that will support PetSnap:

  1. Download their iOS app
  2. Refer PetSnap to your pet-owning friends

For more information about PetSnap, you can download their iOS app, visit their website at, view their 1-minute demo, or engage with them on Instagram or Facebook. The team would love to talk to you more about their product and how it can be improved to help you and your pets. Email

Stop them in the hallway if you see them!

Front Row, L-R: Rich Headley FEMBA ‘16,  Isadora Dantas FEMBA ‘16,  Frankie Judy FEMBA ‘16

Back Row, L-R: Matt BaileyMatthew Rose FEMBA ‘16,  Rex Hatch FEMBA ‘16

In the middle, held by Matt is Eddie. About half a year after Barlow passed, Matt’s wife Kate found Eddie wandering alone and unidentified in Koreatown and rescued him.


I want to thank Rich and Matt for generating this update on PetSnap. We’ll keep more updates coming as they proceed.

Additional story-lines include (Aren’t they busy!)

  • PetSnap utilizing the new UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator space for their development efforts
  • Matt Rose winning the 2015 Wolfen Award
  • PetSnap currently at the semi-final level in Baylor University’s New Venture Competition. Waiting to hear if they make the finals.
  • PetSnap being semi-finalists in the UCLA Knapp Venture Competition
  • PetSnap earning second-place at the IE (Spain) Venture Competition
  • PetSnap currently prepping to enter Oregon’s competition
  • PetSnap entering the UCLA Law School Lowell Milken Institute Sandler Prize for New Entrepreneurs
  • PetSnap entering the ITA Venture Competition this Spring
    (They’re seeking an engineer to joing the team for this one, if you’re interested!)



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