Passion Leads the Way: Meet UCLA Finance Professor Bruce Carlin, Phd, MD

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 19 - Bruce Carlin - 9.8.16.png

In honor of the amazing entering Class of 2019 (which welcomes the most-ever doctoral-level FEMBAs: 8 MDs, 8 PhDs, 1 DDS, 1 EdD, and 1 DMA), this week’s Drive Time podcast features Associate Professor of Finance Bruce Carlin, PhD, MD, MBA.

Bruce generously shares his very unique life and career story, including:

  • Following his passion
    Stepping away from a very successful career as a surgeon / researcher / medical doctor / author to earn a PhD in Finance. (His family’s reaction; finding a mentor who believed in him; taking 10 advanced courses in a year to pre-qualify.)
  • Earning his MBA as a part-time student
    While still working as a medical doctor and professor. He knows what it is like to be a FEMBA!
  • Valuing risk in building a very rewarding life
  • Being a visiting professor at Chicago Booth last year
    (and seeing how Anderson students had a higher mean on the same exact exam!)
  • What he likes about teaching
    Making it practical; Cases; Gaining skills; Teaching to both “quants” and “poets” to that there is something for everyone
  • The unique optimism of UCLA and California
  • Watching his UCLA Anderson fellow faculty help companies survive the financial crisis.
  • Three very interesting hobbies: 
    Being a Master Swimmer and Water Polo player,
    Organizing Poker matches for finance academics at venues like the Aria poker room, and
    Collecting rare whiskies (Listen to his tale of searching the back country of Kentucky for rare issues of Pappy Van Winkle.)

Bruce will be teaching Finance in Spring Quarter to both Flex and one of the all-day Saturday sections.

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