FEMBAssadors Want You: Blair Nichols 17 & Geetha Rajan ’17


Why is FEMBA thriving? One answer is leadership from our student body. This week’s Drive Time podcast is a call-to-action for all current and alumni FEMBAs from our FEMBAssador co-Presidents, Blair Nichols ’17 and Geetha Rajan ’17.

Hear their plans for how FEMBAssadors will build the best Class of 2020 possible, and how you can help, as well as hear each of their own career victories during FEMBA.

Blair is in his second week in a brand new job, after doing an MBA internship last summer; he also just completed a Global Immersion to Japan. Geetha is a Flex student who commuted from Boston to UCLA her first year, and who now commutes from San Francisco. Both are half way through their Global Access Program, in parallel to leading the 2016-2017 FEMBAssadors.  Enjoy!

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