Admission Advice from Assistant Dean Dylan Stafford & Vanessa Carlos


This week’s special podcast is specifically for the in-process applicants applying for our Round One deadline of October 26, 2016. With me is one of my great team members, Vanessa Carlos, our Admissions Specialist. We both look forward to your application and we share some application tips and also answer some common questions. We know this is a big weekend for you, as you complete your application, and we want to empower you.

In this podcast, I cover:

  • Which Round is best for me?
  • Transcripts
  • Resumes
  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • SuperSaturday Interview Invitation
  • Application Status Page

Remember, your MBA has already started. All of the introspection that you are doing as you’ve visited campus, or heard a webinar, or researched online, all of that effort is part of your MBA. The consideration you put into choosing your recommenders, the thought you are giving your essays, the words you choose for your resume, all of this is part of your MBA.

OneĀ strength of UCLA Anderson is the incredible diversity of thought and opportunity here. One challenge of UCLA Anderson is that there will forever be “too many good choices” on the calendar. You prepare yourself best for UCLA Anderson, to get admitted and then to have an amazing education, by spending quality time now in the application process, discerning for yourself your biggest vision, of the best career for you, that you can imagine.

Around here at UCLA Anderson, we share success, we think fearlessly, and we drive change. This is a very special culture, and we hope that you will be part of our culture, in the UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2020.

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