About Dylan

2016-headshot-from-gmac-cropped-captureThanks for visiting my blog. I’ve tried to share some of the amazing, behind-the-scenes stories of the incredible leaders who study, teach, research and work at UCLA.

I’m Dylan Stafford, an assistant dean and director of admissions for the UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA Program. At UCLA, we attract leaders from all industries and walks of life. We see people fulfill their dreams–and create new ones–every day.

In 2004, I wrote my professional mission statement, and it has guided me since:

My commitment is that we live in a world of organizations that work for everyone, where people go home at the end of their day appreciated, respected, and valued for what they did, said, and contributed, with lots of leftover love, laughter, and leadership to bring to their family, their church or temple or synagogue, and to all of the people in their lives. That is who I am.

I get to work in a setting that is aligned with my commitment. Pretty great!

You’re reading my professional blog.

My personal blog is here https://dylanstafford.wordpress.com/

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My LinkedIn Profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylan-stafford/

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LISTEN: The interview that started my FEMBA Drive Time Podcast!

As I was interviewed, the idea for “Drive Time, our FEMBA podcast” was born.  I’m interviewed by CultureSync CEO (and UCLA alumna) Carrie Kish, who invited me to be a guest on her podcast, Leadership Unleashed.

In this interview we cover both of my UCLA Anderson Global Immersion Course experiences, India and China, and much more.




3 thoughts on “About Dylan

  1. Hi Dylan,
    Your blog has some good insights into the FEMBA program. It certainly helps to learn about various student experiences. I am based out of Boston, MA and am very keen on pursuing the FEMBA-Flex program. But need your advice on how hands-on can I be staying literally across the country? Hands-on I mean in terms of leveraging the on-campus activities, being part of student clubs, attending company seminars etc?

    Appreciate your response.

    Geetha Rajan

    • Hi Geetha,

      Thanks for the question. FLEX launched in 2012 with 35 students. Now, this year 2013, we have 60 signed up for FLEX. It’s growing rapidly in popularity.

      With all three of our FEMBA schedule options, Flex, Tue/Thur and all-day-Saturday, students will always be balancing finding the hours in the day to be involved. We as a school want to put more things on the calendar than there are hours in the week. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you get to choose which items are most tasty for you.

      We are evolving our extra-curricular thinking to leverage the weekends FLEXers are on-campus. AND, again, there is always lots happening. Even pre-FLEX, we’ve always had about 20% of our FEMBA student body commuting from far away (San Jose by plane, and San Diego by car). FEMBAs still join lots of Clubs and also take leadership roles. They won’t be on-campus for a Tuesday lunch meeting most times of course, but they call-in, skype, etc. and take advantage of all the chances UCLA offers to grow.

      Hope to see you this fall on-campus, if you come out to see UCLA up close. Our fall Open House is October 12, 2013. We’d love to see you if you can fly out for it.


  2. Hi Dylan,

    Stumbled across this blog through some MBA discussion forums and really like the content! There are not many administrators actively maintaining a blog and I really appreciate the perspective you are giving. I am a FEMBA applicant this year and this kind of web presence really sets UCLA apart from the competition.


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