Fun Videos

The All-Anderson Commercial Challenge
(a.k.a. the SuperBowl Commercial Contest)

This was a fun pet-project of mine. For four years, we asked, “If you had a 60 second commercial during the SuperBowl, what would you say about UCLA Anderson?”

Students wrote, directed, starred-in, and produced “commercials” about why they chose UCLA Anderson.

Here is a Gold Prize winning video from the first contest: Exploding Heads Productions, Corey Berse 11, Mark Harper 11, Belinda Cheng 11, Jon Schurger 11.

Here is the Gold Prize winning video. Notice the trend? Again, team Exploding Heads Productions, Corey Berse 11, Mark Harper 11, Belinda Cheng 11, Jon Schurger 11.

Here is the Silver Prize winning video. Paint It Blue Productions, Amy Tran ’13, Daniel Ho ’13, Grace Chang ’13, Kaladhar Bollampalli ’13 and Ed Cho ’13.

And here’s a super-awesome 90210-spoof video from Chaz Hales and classmates from his time in FEMBA. They did this all on their own, and it still makes me laugh. Starring: Suren Ramasubbu , Ann Le, Tiffany Yu, Albert Meng, Galina Prodelaylo, Chaz Hales, Anil Nimmagadda, Olga Krasovski, and Patty Gonzalez and Michael Heafey (staff).  No FEMBAs were harmed in the making of this film.

This video is near and dear to my heart because I helped record some of the scenes in it, the ones with the Panda Bears, when I was on our Global Immersion Trip to Chengdu, China.


So you think you can dance?

Wait until you see David Duong 15, and his posse in this magic moment.

Any Mad Men fans out there? Then this one is for you.

This is a whole series that deserves watching, and this is a particularly funny spoof. “Friends don’t let friends…miss happy hour.” Ben Larson 13, made a whole series of “State of the Social” videos for his section. This one features classmate Alex Valente 13. For more on Ben’s post-FEMBA start-up activity, read “The Power of the Network”.

Here is another winner from the All-Anderson Commercial Challenge, and all the FEMBA 2013s in this video are sharing the names of their start-ups.  John Burke 13, Idealab; Seema Thakkar 13 Enso; Jeff DiTullio 13 Foundero; David Hoffman 13 EventSorbet; Grace Chang 13 EventSorget; Pete Santhappan 13 EventSorbet; Amy Tran 13 Enso; Dave Yanko 13 MGMTLA; James Shaw 13 Play in Motion; Ben Larson 13 Kickstand.

And here is the bloopers/out-takes of that same video above. Beware, Super-Cute FEMBA Baby (Brady FEMBA 2043) in a onesie!

The Most Interesting MBA in the World.

Stay Educated, My Friends.

Where do I invest my billions?

“Guys, why don’t we use green to color the trees?” Experience the Transformation.

Leaders of Tomorrow, with support from Leaders of Today

Forgive the production quality (my fault) but enjoy the reflections on FEMBA. I filmed these wonderful FEMBA women the morning of their graduation. Dani Bartov 11, Kristen Moore-Brown 11 and Sachiko Shiohara 11.

And again, low production quality (my bad) but excellent story-telling. Filmed graduation day. Listen to Brad Hileman 11, Armin Khoddam 11 and John Ying 11.

Spontaneous! Never stop by my office if you’re an alum, unless you want to run the risk that I’ll pull out my phone and interview you on-the-spot! Here is Rosco Newsom 10, back on campus, hiring UCLA Anderson.

Spontaneous II! Again, here I am “scamming Sam into doing this video.” Also, back on-campus recruiting, just five months after graduation. (Sam was also student body president his year!)

From the 2015 Global Immersion Trip to China, here is Sunday morning at the Panda Base, in Chengdu, China.

Advice for what to do the summer before FEMBA begins. Jenn Woodward 12 and Sam Fatoohi 12.

Teaching the UCLA 8-Clap to the entering Class of 2018. Howard Kim, Director of IT Services, moonlighting as a cheerleader.

UCLA Anderson: Connect. Create. Cultivate.

How do FEMBAs in Section Three relax?


Here’s an inspirational video of Kunle Ogunrinde ’16. What results he’s created!

Listen to one of our awesome entrepreneurs, Jordanna Mora 15. She was also our Wooden Award winner her year.

Paul Grieve 15. If his story doesn’t make you think anything is possible…well I can’t help you. He’s awesome!

Here is a student-shot interview. Thanks to Ivaylo Datchev ’15, for interviewing his fellow Flex classmate, Ashley Merrill ’15.

Here again is Ivaylo’s work, this time interviewing classmate Loryn Bailey ’15.

And this video is also from Ivaylo, with an interview of Fabrizio Dall’Olmo ’15.

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