Two really cool FEMBA friends Hrag Hamalian ’14 and Josh Schachter ’14 created a side-business, LiveGuide, while they were in school. LiveGuide lets you take a virtual university tour on your desktop. LiveGuide also lets you get really detailed stories of FEMBAs’ experiences with the education, the career growth, and the network of UCLA Anderson. Grab your headphones and listen to these FEMBA success stories, recorded using Hrag and Josh’s platform, LiveGuide.




Will you be flying in to FEMBA? Meet Srishti Goyal 16 who did FEMBA while living in the Bay Area to SoCal.  Srishti took advantage of all the opportunities of UCLA to pursue her passion for life sciences marketing.



20160226 Terrence Allotta 14 LinkedIn 2324b66



Transitioning from engineering to consulting? Meet Terrence Allotta 14, who did just that



20160427 Josh Schachter 14 LinkedIn




Entrepreneur? Switcher? Meet Josh Schachter 14, LiveGuide co-founder and successful career switcher from eHarmony to



20160226 Ivan Eno 14 LinkedIn 312d38a


Are you considering a career post-military? Spend time with Ivan Eno 14, and hear how he went from the US Army to Business Development



20160226 David Duong 15 LinkedIn 00df0eb



Ever felt pigeonholed and wanted to create a brand new career path? Meet David Duong 15, successful career transitions and the inventor of “From Handshakes-to-Hugs”




20160226 Dr Oscar Rodriguez 14 LinkedIn 119aa15



What if you created a company with a classmate? Meet Dr. Oscar Rodriguez ’14 who did just that.



20140911   Hrag Hamalian and me




And finally, meet our hero, Hrag Hamalian 14, LiveGuide co-founder. Pictured above with me in the A-Atrium. Hrag’s an amazing person–adding huge contributions to society by founding charter schools (and creating LiveGuide with fellow FEMBA Josh Schachter)