FEMBApalooza is our annual summer mega-event. FEMBApalooza connects new students, current students, alumni, faculty and staff. Significant others and children join as well. For 2016 and 2015, we moved to a new location, Dickson Plaza between Royce Hall and the Powell Library. Below find videos from our first FEMBApaloozas, and here is a FEMBApalooza Top Ten List from 2015’s event.


FEMBApalooza 4, July 19, 2015. Over 1,000 attendees, plus Joe and Josie Bruin!

Hear highlights from FEMBApalooza 4, in 2015.

Hear highlights from FEMBApalooza 3, in 2014.

Listen to these participants from FEMBApalooza 2 in 2013, interviewed by our very own David Duong ’13.

Each year we’ve added more features to FEMBApalooza: bounce house and face-painting for the kids; Club Zone and Entrepreneur’s Zone for the adults. For 2014, our very own FEMBAs, Shreena Grewal ’16 and Francisco Alejo ’15 (aka DJ X) will provide desserts and music respectively.  We also continue the very popular FEMBA Biergarten…

For 2014, we also added a special viewing area for the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany.

2016’s FEMBApalooza 5 is going to be great. We’ll post more photos here.

Here’s the link to the FEMBAPalooza website.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

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