Podcast: Meet Matt Rose ’16, “Co-Founding PetSnap with Classmates”

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 11 - Matt Rose - 7.14.16

Matt Rose ’16 ran full speed through FEMBA and we hope you enjoy hearing his journey. A transplant from Colorado, Matt already had a Master’s degree before his MBA from UCLA. An unexpected life tragedy happened during FEMBA and from there he had an insight that led to creating PetSnap with classmates. In this podcast, you’ll learn how:

  • Matt launched PetSnap with very little outlay of funds, using the resources of UCLA,
  • Matt’s section three classmates became his co-founders,
  • Professors Cockrum, Freixes, Scheinrock and Sussman supported the architecture of PetSnap,
  • Matt and his wife Kate greeted their first child just before graduation. (Their daughter was born after we recorded this podcast.)

Enjoy meeting Matt Rose ’16.

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