From Warren Buffet to Chief Quality Officer: Meet Dr. Nasim Afsar ’17

FEMBA PODCASTS - Dylan's Blog - Nasim Afsar-manesh - Episode 42 (003)

Get inspired and learn best practices from Dr. Nasim Afsar-manesh FEMBA ’17 in this Drive Time podcast interview. Nasim is the Chief Quality Officer for UCLA Health. As an MD and a hospital executive, she is accountable for over 100,000 patients who receive their primary medical care from UCLA. She literally uses her MBA every day to save lives.

Nasim shares lessons she learned from a 2-hour dinner with Warren Buffet back at Caltech in college, as well as productivity tips she uses every day today. Trust me: You want to learn from Nasim. Not only does her career touch over 100,000 patients, she has also balanced raising her two young daughters during her FEMBA experience.

Nasim is one of the great people in your UCLA Anderson network, and she graciously shares her success strategies with us in this Drive Time podcast.


Meet one of our Global Rock Stars: Mark E. Lee 2017

FEMBA PODCASTS - Dylan's Blog - Mark E Lee - Episode 37 (002).png

We thought about titling this interview “Are you kidding me? Where did you find the time?” Mark E. Lee, FEMBA 2017, Founding Partner of Halo Media Group, FEMBA Council Executive Board Member, is a high-participation leader here at UCLA Anderson. Enjoy this interview and hear about Mark’s global, FEMBA rock star experience, including:

  • Going on 5 Global Immersions:
    Greece, Vietnam, and South Africa (all three as a student);
    Thailand/Myanmar and Japan (as a teaching assistant)
  • Founding and Owning Halo Media Group
  • Being married with two kids; how FEMBA was/is a family choice/experience
  • Going from Harvard (archeology/pre-med) to Los Angeles (Entertainment / Entrepreneurship and FEMBA Rock Star!)
  • Serving on FEMBA Council Executive Board, VP of Marketing
  • Being Entertainment & Media Association, VP
  • Experiencing the Global Access Program with an Australian firm
  • Teaching Assistant this Spring 2017 to UCLA Anderson Dean Judy Olian and Professor Peter Guber (Chairman & CEO of Mandalay Entertainment; Co-Owner of the Golden State Warriors, and more) and their leadership class
  • “Mamer-isms” from first quarter statistics with Professor John Mamer
  • Creating a “no one left behind” philosophy in FEMBA study groups
  • Describing the unique impact of FEMBA Council here at UCLA Anderson
  • Being in the Entertainment Media Association
    Inviting Joss Whedon (Director of “The Avengers” to speak at Korn Convocation Hall (along with MEMES and Professor Sanjay Sood)
  • Specializing in both Global Management and also Entertainment Management
  • “Paying FEMBA Forward” to my kids
20170225 Mark Lee 2017 and his family at appreciation day IMG_2598

Mark Lee, FEMBA 2017, Founding Partner of Halo Media Group, with his lovely family at FEMBA Appreciation Day, February 25, 2017.

2016 F-E-M-B-A Myanmar Global Immersion 20161215_155317

First-ever UCLA Anderson Global Immersion to Thailand/Myanmar, December 2016.

Above, left to right: Mike Fetterman 2017, Larry Eng 2018, Victor Gebhardt 2018, Margaret Chang 2018, Jason Davenport 2017, Audrey Barker 2018, Chris Ferruzzi 2017, Susan Francia 2018, Yvonne Tran 2017, Ekta Talwar 2017, and Mason Wang 2017.

20160202 D-Y-L-A-N in Greece Victory Shyu, Mark Reidy, Ray Obico, Christopher Ferruzzi, Brittany Blackamore, Mark Lee, Caitlin Cassidy, and Jonathan Driscoll DSC_0803

Mark Lee and FEMBA friends in Greece on the 2015 Global Immersion. This is my favorite foto!

Above, left to right: Victor Shyu 16, Mark Reidy 17, Ray Obico 16, Christopher Ferruzzi 17, Brittany Blackamore 16, Mark Lee 17, Caitlin Cassidy 17, and Jonathan Driscoll 17.

Enjoy the podcast with Mark!

It’s Your Life; If You Want It You Can Have It: Meet Kate Motonaga ’97


What an engaging FEMBA success story!  I hope you enjoy listening half as much as I enjoying interviewing.

Kate Motonaga, FEMBA ’97, CFE and new Senior Associate Dean and CFO of UCLA Anderson generously shares about her education and career and ends with some great advice about how to maximize your MBA at UCLA Anderson: “It’s Your Life and It’s Your Career; If You Want It, You Can Have It.”

You’ll learn about:

  • Getting recruited to come back to UCLA Anderson as the Senior Associate Dean and CFO
  • Founding her own company and running it for a decade.
  • Becoming a CFE, a Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Opening the new Anderson facility, from the prior Social Sciences location of Anderson
  • Being in a two-section FEMBA program
  • Experiencing the pre-GAP Field Study model
  • Making FEMBA Friends-for-Life, who continue to offer professional support to each other
  • Being a working parent

Hope you enjoy meeting a dynamic new leader of UCLA Anderson, who is also a FEMBA!

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Meet John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship Winner Datra Oliver ’18


This year FEMBA is honored with TWO John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship winners, Datra Oliver ’18 and also Eric Potochek ’18.

This week’s FEMBA Drive Time podcast interviews Datra Oliver ’18, who works for Esri as an International Contracts Specialist. Datra’s life journey spans the Bahamas to the US to England and back. She’s met the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela. She’s the mother of a young son and supported her husband earning his PhD. She’s worked in Africa and earned her Law Degree in England, where she is called to both the Bar of England and Wales (2009), and the Bar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas (2010). Datra is in FEMBA Flex and is about to complete her Core courses.

I love Datra’s summation advice for living a great life, “Just Apply.”

Enjoy hearing Datra’s unique journey thus far, and see where she’s heading next.

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Podcast: Meet Amy Miller ’16 – “From Wondering to CEO”

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 10 - Amy Miller - 7.7.16


“From Wondering to CEO”

Meet Amy Miller, UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2016. Prior to deciding to pursue her MBA, Amy was co-running a family business, had four children and studied religion in undergrad. She was wondering if the MBA would be worth the time, the effort and how it could help her family business. She’s not wondering anymore, in this podcast Amy shares how FEMBA gave her a voice in business she didn’t have before, as well as a confidence. You’ll also hear about:

  • Amy’s new role as the CEO of a Woman-Owned Business, Lester Lithograph
  • Her global experiences from Barcelona, to Vienna and Prague, to Brazil
  • How she ultimately earned a Certificate in Global Management
  • FEMBA Flex and her FEMBesties
  • Amy’s with advice for everyone embarking on their MBA journey

We hope you enjoy meeting Amy Miller, UCLA Anderson FEMBA Class of 2016.

Podcast: Carolyn Connolly 2016

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 5 - Carolyn Connolly 6.2.16

Here’s an inspiring interview with Carolyn Connolly, 2016. Enjoy hearing Carolyn’s FEMBA journey, including:

  • Earning THREE promotions in less than four years
  • Having TWO beautiful baby daughters during FEMBA
  • Having an amazing Global Access Program team and now becoming a GAP Fellow
  • Following her dreams: from the east coast to California, from engineering to professional Roller Derby Skater to the City of Santa Monica, and finally to now and creating stability for raising her family

Podcast: Sai Chundi 2016

Drive Time - Dylan's Blog - Episode 2 - Sai Chundi - 5.12.16

Welcome to Drive Time: The UCLA Anderson FEMBA Podcast.

Take us on your commute and learn from the success of Sai Chundi 2016, including:

  • Fulfilling his lifelong goal of developing himself as a leader
  • Landing his dream job with Microsoft
  • Making friendships-for-life
  • Traveling to Sweden for GAP, and to Argentina for a Global Immersion
  • Welcoming his first baby into his family during FEMBA

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